There are a lot of notions and myths about nutrition that are not really true, most of them are just based on assumptions and others on facts. Whatever the case may be, the truth still remains that not much about nutrition is what it seems, there is always some underlying truth which only experience can help you find out. There are certain foods that we believe should make us lose weight but when you add them to your diet you discover that there is really no change in your weight, instead you end up getting fatter. This article will enumerate some of them and explain why they add to your weight.


Generally it is believed that taking cereals as breakfast is very healthy but in reality, this so called healthy foods are very unhealthy for the body as they make us add fat very fast. They are usually loaded with sugars which spike up the sugar level of the body and after a few hours drops it drastically. When the sugar level is dropped you are instantly in need of some food again, continuing this process for a long time will inadvertently make you add weight.

Whole wheat bread

This is said to be very healthy for human consumption, actually it is healthier than processed wheat alone. Well the truth about the whole wheat from which the bread is made is that it is not actually whole wheat but a marketing ploy. They are pulverized wheat grains which are easily digested and makes you hungry after a short while. This will also make you hungry after a while and continual food consumption in this manner will make you fat.

Low fat yogurt

This is actually very healthy but the problem is that what is termed low fat yogurt these days is actually low quality yogurt. When the fat is removed from the yogurt it tastes awful and to beat this taste manufacturers add a lot of other stuff like sugars and fructose or some artificial sweeteners. These make you add weight at the end of the day.


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