Foods That Increase Your Productivity

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With so much to do, we would be glad if we had more then twenty-four hours in a day. Unfortunately, we don’t and we’re forced to get as much as we can done in one day. It can be tough trying to keep up, but is there a way to improve productivity?

We’ve done our little research and have been able to come up with foods that can boost productivity because it may not always be enough to play light music and turn off messages.

These foods help by increasing focus, memory and stabilize your mood.
So what foods are these?


You most likely already guessed this one. Coffee contains caffeine and this is a good way to start your day. A cup of coffee contains large doses of dopamine, the feel good hormone that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

By enhancing memory activity, including your ability to think in advance and to resist certain unhealthy impulses, you get a boost to carry out your responsibilities effectively.

Green Tea

This drink offers lots of amazing benefits. It boosts metabolism, makes the skin glow and shreds fat, unfortunately, this drink does not get as much credit for its mood balancing abilities. It can be tough working under pressure but with green tea, you get to relax as it contains catechins that will help you focus, relax and fight off any mental fatigue.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are known for enhancing weight loss goals by providing you with fiber that fills you up. They also provide you with B vitamins like folate which helps boost blood flow to your brain. Vitamin B12 is another B vitamin that whole grains provide, this helps boost focus. Infact, learning and understanding stuff would be difficult without it.
Examples of whole grain foods include quinoa, farro, millet etc.

Chocolate Milk

Some sugar in the morning can be helpful and what other way to get them than from chocolate milk? It’s especially great after your gym sessions.

Research shows that taking chocolate milk with low-fat helps athletes experience better muscle recovery and exercise adaptation. This is what makes it great for after your workouts.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt contains tyrosine, an amino acid which produces noradrenaline and dopamine.
These neurotransmitters are responsible for boosting behavior and moods. So when you have to impress your boss or a client, take this so that you stay on your best behavior.

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is packed to the max with iron . Iron is an important mineral as it helps strengthen your body. A study found that women with healthy iron levels in their systems did better in mental tests and finished their tests a lot faster than those who did not have sufficient levels of iron.


Tuna contains about sixty-nine percent of your daily vitamin B6 does. Vitamin B6 has been found to be linked with motivation. This is because a deficiency in Vitamin B6 often leads to feelings of depression. You’d agree that you’re almost unproductive when you don’t feel quite like yourself.
Vitamin B6 has a lot of other benefits like preventing and treating ADHD, a disorder that increases inattention levels, impulsivity and hyperactivity, which makes it difficult to be productive.

Roast Beef

We know that you probably steer clear from deli meats, however you don’t have to do the same for organic roast beef.

According to a study, when children are deficient in iron, their success in the classroom was often weaker compared to when they had sufficient nutrients. Organic roast beef contains iron which is important for effortless focus and cognitive functioning.

You can have a couple of slices for lunch to help your recharge and do better for the rest of the day. With it, you’ll end up having a ton or energy and determination and have a productive day.


A productive day never stems from mood swings and sleepless nights. A productive is filled with the exact opposite. This is why it is important to eat foods that contain serotonin.

Walnuts are a good way to have enough serotonin. Eating these will help boost your mood, your appetite and cause you to stay balanced throughout the entire day.


When our blood sugar level lowers, we somehow follow suit. Our belly rumbles, our hands get jittery and our minds wander. A research carried out by NASA showed that the feelings associated with low blood sugar levels can hamper cognitive efficiency and retaining capacity.

The good news is, a snacking on a few almond nuts can help. The nuts are filled with healthy Sat’s that slow the body’s carb and sugar digestion, keeping the blood sugar levels steady and balanced. With the blood sugar levels healthy, your focus is boosted and your willpower stays up throughout the day.


Avocado is one of those nutrient filled goodnesses that everybody loves. According to researches, avocado has high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids and consuming same kind helps in the protection of your brain cells. These brain cells, also known as astrocytes, help provide support to nerves responsible for carrying information. This means that they widely contribute to the healthy flow of blood all over the body.


Strawberries are a yummy snack and are extremely helpful when you need to sit down and focus on your work. How come? Well, the red fruits are packed to the max with fisetin. Fisetin is a flavonoid that helps promote signaling pathways in the Brian to lend a helping hand in the function of the memory.

According to studies, consuming at least two servings of strawberries every week can help boost your long term memory and make it much better.
As a matter of fact, a study published by The Salk Institute states that, in mice, the flavonoid, fisetin, was shown to do more than just boost memory – it was also shown to protect and promote the survival of cultured neurons. These cultured neurons are responsible for the activation of memory storing, information processing and learning abilities.


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