Foods That Could Help Shrink Fibroids


Food consumption has been known to cause several health related problems or proffer solutions to problems depending on diet. In this article, we’ll be seeing one more unique way foods could be part of the solution to fibroids

What are Fibroids ?

Fibroids, also known as uterine myomas or fibromas , are tumours formed in the uterus of females. The relieving part about fibroids is its non-cancerous chsracteristic . Unfortunately , it often comes with lots of pain and discomfort . Conception could also be an issue in some cases . Fibroids are actually a common thing and are found among 50% of the women folk . However some women are more prone to fibroids than others . Examples are people of an African heritage and obese people. The reason this is so has not been found out ,for now it’s just so . Doctors will usually recommend depending on the severity , that the patients wait them out . They advise such because these myomas sometimes stop growing or could even shrink as menopause gets closer . The fibroids could sometimes be extremely severe and cause such discomfort that treatment is necessary. The first thing you should do if you begin to experience discomfort as a fibroid patient is see your doctor . He could give you a few recommendations but you should also consider changing your diet and talking to the doctor about your decision. It is important to note that your diet isn’t some magic wand that will take the myoma away . Still ,some foods have been proven to help with shrinking the tumour . Since it is assumed you already know what foods to avoid as a fibroid patient (red meat ,diary products and the rest ). You probably stay on birth control pills to relief the symptoms for a bit . Truth is , the symptoms could get worse once you’re off the pills ,so they’re not a complete remedy .It’s our turn to educate you on foods you totally should embrace if you’re looking for lasting relief from all the heavy bleeding and discomfort . You might even want to try getting a baby or you just want some improvement, worry no more ,the foods listed below are bound to help . Here’s the idea : since there are foods that make your condition and other hormone caused problems worse , then some do the opposite. They help the body to gain its balance by creating an ideal environment and calming the internal eco-system.

What Causes Fibroids?

No one can tell for sure what the main cause of fibroid is, your doctor may also have told you same thing . It has however been discovered that fibroids are strongly linked to high oestrogen levels as this could make growth worse . This is why you will usually be told to stay away from red meat and dairy products that could be from animals treated with synthetic hormones as it could up your oestrogen levels and increase fibroid growth .
Now you understand why at menopause the growth begins to shrink – reduction in oestrogen levels . Studies also show that conception and giving birth facilitates oestrogen reduction. Armed this information, it’s easy to see what you need to do to shrink the growth or at least slow it down or stop it . It’s also easy to see that your diet should facilitate reduction in oestrogen levels effectively and rapidly as an environment with low oestrogen levels discourages the tumour growth .

Foods That Could Help Shrink Fibroid

Cold water Fish

Cold Water fish are high in fatty acids. Fatty acids help to balance the hormones and trim down excesses . It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties . Examples of cold water fish include sardines ,tuna ,salmon , mackerel etc . When going for these kinds of fish , be sure they’re caught from the wild because the reared ones could contain chemicals and even hormones that could worsen your tumour .To be sure of the source ,ask the seller where the fish comes from before opting to purchase.


There are kinds of soys that  possess anti-oestrogenic effect on the uterus such that the growth of fibroid is inhibited . It’s usually best you go for soy that is organic and non-processed like miso and tempeh. These are good choices to add to your meal  . Stay away from soy that has already been processed like soy meat , soy cheese, soy milk and the others .


 Fibroid growth could be skyrocketed with huge spikes in blood sugar levels. Foods with high glycaemic indexes could have this effect on the blood sugar level of the body . For this reason you will usually be advised to stay away from high glycaemic carbohydrate sources like sweets . Not to mention they cause inflammations in the body . Beans is an example of a food with a low glycaemic index with only a little effect on the blood sugar . It’s therefore advisable that you trade your high glycaemic index foods for lower ones like beans and other legumes like lentils ,kidney beans and mung beans . Legumes also contain proteins and fiber which help them effectively replace red meat and other sources of protein you might have to forfeit as a result of your condition.

Onion and Garlic

No matter how much you cry about the stinky breath that could result from eating garlic and onion , it’s a thousand times better to be fibroid free .  You could easily remedy bad breath . Garlic and onions are rich in antioxidants which help to fight against the damages caused by free radicals to cells. Garlics also restrict the tumour’s  access to the supply of blood . The tumour would obviously not survive long with no supply of blood and soon begins to shrivel . It’s thus a guarantee that adding raw garlic to your diet will do a lot of good to your health and cause you to get all of its wonderful properties.


Cabbage not only helps stop the growth of fibroids , it also helps helps avoid it altogether. The cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and could be used in different meals like soups ,salads etc. The cabbage contains important compounds that help prevent tissue changes which in turn prevents the growth of non-cancerous tumours ,this include fibroids .


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