Foods that Can Put You In a Bad Mood


We all thought foods only had the power to increase our waistlines so our favourite clothes don’t fit. Turns out it does more than that. Foods could damage our moods and alter our feelings negatively. It’s even possible that foods you think are healthy could contribute largely to your bad moods. Foods that contain lots of sugars, additives, caffeine and omega-6 fatty acids might not be so great for your mood. Foods high in sodium are also a no-no. It’s best if you pay close attention to what you consume and what ingredients go into their production, that way you have a good chance at eating mood-boosting foods and avoid the opposite or at least reduce their intake.

Foods That Can Put You In a Bad Mood


It’s not news how much sugar soda drinks contain. What makes it so bad is that these drinks have so much simple sugar, it’s easy to get absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result of this, there’s usually a quick energy rise that feels good but unfortunately doesn’t last so long. Soon, there’s a crash and your energy level, blood sugar control and mood is badly affected. Plus, if you take so much soda, you could end up with a soda belly, like the ones you get from drinking so much beer.


Non-organic fruits and vegetables are foods that are grown with the help of chemicals. These non-organics could contain neurotoxins, chemicals with a potential damaging effect on the brain and nervous system. With damage comes depression, mood instability and irritability. These harmful chemicals are majorly as a result of the pesticides which were used on the plants during the cultivation period. It’s advised that you therefore go for organic fruits and vegetables, that way the chances of ingesting neurotoxic pesticides are slim.


It is true that alcohol is sometimes seen as a form of escape from misery. We think it makes us feel better or even feel nothing for a while. Unfortunately, it tends to do the opposite after a while . It actually could be making you feel worse, not better. After the high it brings, putting you on cloud 9, it drags you down hastily, like a sugar crash, leaving feelings of depression. Little wonder alcohol is often seen as a depression. The feelings we wind up having could have a negative effect on our thoughts, feelings and eventually actions. You don’t necessarily need to stop taking alcohol, you simply should learn to take it in moderate quantities.


Chips, unless baked, are unhealthy as they are filled with huge amounts of salt, saturated fat and refined carbs. All of these could plummet your mood and make you feel blue. Like the others, they begin with making you feel good and making you reach high energy levels before they come crashing down on your mood, leaving you sluggish, irritable and tired. They especially contain Omega-6 fatty acids from the oil they’re fried with. The fatty acid blocks the mood-lifting substance in the body, wreaking havoc on your mood not forgetting how it could affect your waistline


Foods like doughnuts, candy etc are processed foods and they do our moods no good at all. They’re the foods you find commonly in grocery Stores, it’s this close to being impossible to avoid. You should pay serious attention when you go grocery shopping as the processed foods could be the reason you keep walking about like your cat died. Processed foods have that much effect on your mood as a result of the trans fat they contain. A study carried out on the ties between trans fat and the mood found that the more they were consumed, the more irritable the consumer became. Plus, aren’t they the leading cause of diseases like cancer, heart diseases, infertility, diabetes and numerous others. You really don’t want to take this chance so go rather for natural sugar whenever you crave something sweet.


It was louded how margarine was a much healthier option than butter, and for a while, it was more frequently used. Studies however have shown that margarine could have terrible health effects that butter would not have. This is as a result of margarine’s omega-6-fatty-acid content which tends to compete with and go as far as blocking omega-3 fatty acids, mood enhancers needed by the body. Now that you know this, it should be easier for you to make a choice between margarine and butter the next time you’re grocery shopping. Moreover, go specifically for butter made from grass-fed cows, it’s much better.


Coffee isn’t entirely bad for the health as it has several benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and could even protect you from cognitive impairment. You of course would get all of those benefits if you stick with having it in moderation. If however, you go past “moderate “ and have so much coffee everyday, don’t be surprised when you get irritable and moody. So much coffee can cause the hormones, neurotransmitter functions and nerve signals to act up, then feelings of gloominess eventually follows. It’s best to start taking your coffee in moderations to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You could also switch to healthier alternatives like matcha tea or green tea.


Most people cannot live without cereals, unfortunately. Cereals are filled with refined carbohydrates and lots of processed ingredients which could have a blood sugar become unstable, leading to terrible mood swings and sometimes exposure to increased risk of depression. You don’t want that, so better alternatives for breakfast are foods rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. These would help stabilize the blood sugar and put you in a better mood to go through the day with your head held high.

So apparently, foods could be the reason your mood is not right. For healthier moods, try foods like bananas, chocolates, yoghurt, almonds, blueberries and a host of others. Hippocrates really was right to say “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food “. Foods that improve moods could be considered medicine for bad moods.


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