An ancient says, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, while some folks are trying very hard to lose weight, some others are seeking every way possible to add a pound. Ironic you may say but it is very true. We all know that it can be a herculean task to lose weight, especially when you want to lose it very fast, well it is almost the same ball game for those trying to add weight.

If you happen to fall into this category, you do not need to look further, this article will provide you with information regarding some foods you can eat to help you put on that weight fast.

Protein smoothies

Making your smoothies at home is actually the best way to have them, this is because you can make them to your taste, putting in the exact ingredients you want and not filling them with sugar like the commercial ones. Space will fail me to give you recipes but I will mention a few you can check up and try on your own. They all contain between 400 and 600 calories as well as healthy nutrients for the body.

  1. Vanilla berry shake
  2. Chocolate banana shake
  3. Vanilla apple shake
  4. Caramel apple shake


Milk has been globally recognized as an important ingredient in weight increase programs. It is just the perfect balance of proteins, carbs and fats, it also possesses several other nutrients. Take one or two glasses in a day between meals or with meals for best results.


This is one of the cheapest sources of getting calories into your system. With one cup of rice you have 190 calories. Simply combine rice with other healthy proteins and you will see a difference in your weight in no time.

Red meat

This is one of the most recommended body building meats worldwide. It is excellent for gaining muscle fat and it contains leucine which assists in stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

As you take these foods, it is advisable that you take time to work out as well so the fat is converted to muscle and you do not look too flabby.


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