Foods for healthy teeth


One of the many ways you can keep your teeth healthy is by paying apt attention to what you eat. There are a lot of foods you offhandedly eat that are very harmful to your oral health. Constantly consuming sugary foods, candy and other excessive sweet foods can result to tooth decay. Healthy and a balanced diet can also help promote and boost your oral health.
In this article, we are going to look at some of such foods that can make your teeth stronger, thereby boosting your overall oral health, and also boost your confidence to always feel the need to flaunt your beautiful smile.
Want to know what foods are capable of doing all these? Read on.

Foods for Healthy Teeth


Recent research findings show that consumption of cheese can boost the pH level in your mouth. This helps reduce the risk of tooth decay to the minimum. Cheese is also a rich source of protein and calcium. Calcium helps strengthen your teeth, while protein can help heal your enamel of any injuries or whatever plagues it.


Yogurt, just like cheese, is another rich source of protein and calcium. And we already know that these two contribute to improve the health and strength of your teeth.
Some yogurts contain healthy or probiotic bacteria that is good for the gut. These bacteria are not only good for the gut, they also are good for the teeth, as they can fight and replace the cavity causing bacteria that grows in the mouth.
It is, however, very important you opt for a plain yogurt without any added sugar, sweetener or preservative to be able to get these benefits.


You already know it. An apple a day keeps both the doctor and dentist away. Apples are rich is their water and fiber content. Despite been often classified as a sweet food, apple can help rinse away all the bacteria and leftover food particles that cleanse your mouth.
The fiber content is apples can also effectively stimulate your gums. A slice or two, of apple can help you get rid of every post meal impurities.
While it is not as good as brushing your teeth, it can actually be a great help to tide you over till you can brush your teeth properly.


Carrots are known as one of the healthiest foods for your teeth. This is because of their crunchy nature and their rich fiber content.
When you consume a half cup of diced raw carrot at the end of a meal, it can help increase saliva production in your mouth. This saliva production can help reduce cavities in your teeth.
Carrots are also a rich source of Vitamin A. They can be used to make smoothies, salads or eaten raw as a snack.


Celery is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C. These vitamins are antioxidants that are great for boosting gum health.
Though celery often gets a bad reputation for being watery, bland and annoyingly stringy, they, quite like carrots and apples, act as a toothbrush and can help scrape off the particles of food and bacteria that are stuck on the teeth.


Almonds, just like cheese and yogurts, are incredibly rich in calcium and protein. We already established how these two nutrients are very important for healthy teeth.
Almonds also have very low sugar content. That’s why they make a great snack option. You can also add 1/4th cup of almonds to your lunch or add them to a salad or stir-fry dinners to enjoy their benefits.

Leafy greens and fruits

Leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are high in calcium that can build the enamel of the teeth, are rich in folic acid, which helps treat any gum diseases in pregnant women. Incorporate more salads into your diet with leafy green vegetables to get the best benefits.
Their high fibre content actually ‘scrubs’ the teeth similar to the way your toothbrush might and stimulates saliva production because of the extra chewing they require.
Salad greens pack an all-around healthy punch, with the high water content in crunchy, juicy fruits and vegetables also helping to offset their sugar content. Keep fresh carrots, celery, cucumber and apples (often referred to as ‘nature’s toothbrushes’) on hand at all times and your teeth will thank you!


While adding leafy green vegetables, healthy dairy products and vegetables with a high fiber content can help make your teeth healthier, it is equally as important to focus on what liquids you are consuming.
If you want healthier teeth, opt for water, since it has no calories or added sugar in the place of juice or soda, which is not only full of empty calories, but can harm the teeth due to the added sugar content. Avoid drinking tea or coffee as it can stain your teeth and make them look yellow.
Thus, consuming a complete and balanced meal with teeth boosting ingredients can really keep them healthy.
Avoid eating ice, overeating citric and acidic foods, dried fruits that are sticky, chips, soda, alcohol, sports drinks and other processed foods and load up your diet with healthier options instead to keep your teeth healthy and retain your beautiful, picture perfect smile.


This one may be a bit of a surprise, given oranges are a citrus fruit. However, the vitamin C in citrus strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue and slows down the progression of gum disease by reducing inflammation.
Go ahead and make oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus regular features in your fruit bowl, but just remember to wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after you eat citrus fruits.


Dark chocolate is a superfood for the teeth due to a compound called CBH which has shown to help harden tooth enamel, making your teeth less susceptible to tooth decay. However, not every kind of chocolate is good for you. The cocoa bean is what houses the good stuff – not the chocolate itself – so make sure you opt for the dark chocolate option and remember to brush your teeth afterwards.
If you have braces, it’s a good idea to avoid chocolate with nuts. You should also store your chocolate treats at room temperature rather than in the fridge – cold, hard chocolate can be tough to bite.

Green and black tea

Green and black tea has polyphenols. They interact with the bacteria that cause plaques in your teeth, fight them off by killing or suppressing them. You probably don’t know that bacteria feed on the sugars in your mouth and, once they’ve had their feast, they excrete tooth enamel destroying acids. This makes tea a great choice for during or after a meal, since it suppresses the presence of these acid producing bacteria in the mouth.


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