Female Health Myths you should stop believing


Female body issues can be really confusing. It’s especially worse when you keep listening to your friends, aunt, mother, grandma and even the internet to diagnose issues and symptoms. Lots of females have believed myths that they’ve accepted and internalized as their realities. We’ll be addressing some of these myths in this article. If you find out you’ve believed some of these myths, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, simply unlearn and relearn!
Don’t forget, always speak with your doctor about your issues and confusions, not your friends.
Now, here we go…

Female Myths

1. Condoms are able to protect you from all STDs

Females actually believe a condom is the overall protection from sexually transmitted diseases. It is true that condoms are able to handle a great number of risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, its functionality is only limited to diseases associated with genital fluids such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are sexually transmitted diseases that the condom cannot protect you from. These diseases are the ones transmitted via skin contact. Examples are genital herpes, syphilis and genital warts. When a condom doesn’t protect from STD, it could be because its used either incorrectly or inconsistently. Health professionals say you should use a condom over a sex toys as you could get certain infections from them. Don’t forget to clean your sex toys with soap and water, that’s if it’s allowed for the product.

2. You Should Not Exercise On Your Period

It’s not true that it’s unhealthy to exercise when you’re on your period. Infact, during your period, it’s important you exercise to control your flow and manage cramps. If you’re completely unable to move during your period, it’s fine but if you can manage moving, then you totally should exercise. Endorphins are produced when you exercise. Those are chemicals that make you feel good. Now you get why it’s just perfect that you exercise especially during periods.

3. You Should Use Perfumes and Products to Keep Your Vagina Clean

This is sad because it reflects how dirty the vagina is thought to be. People do not know there’s more bacteria in their mouths than in the vagina. Different individuals could have different vaginal smells as a result of varying eating habits, clothing and how hydrated each person is. People who use these products have no idea that they set themselves up for a myriad of discomfort. It’s best to clean up the vagina with warm water and soap with only a mild fragrance. The inside of the vagina should be left alone, you do not need to clean it.

4. A Vaginal Discharge Indicates a Yeast Infection

Lots of women attribute the minutest thing to a yeast infection. A yeast infection has a white and thick discharge, it itches and there’s hardly any odour. Vaginal discharge is typically normal unless it develops a different colour and a fishy smell, then it could be trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis or gonorrhea. It could also be related to hormonal problems.

5. Missing Your Period Indicates Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t the only reason the period could fail to appear. There are a lot of reasons your period could be kissed like change in weight or an increase in how much exercise you perform. Stress is a major factor that could cause a delay or a complete skip of your period. Sometimes, medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome or premature menopause could be the cause. If you do miss your period, it’s ideal to do a pregnancy test first to rule it out. When it’s ruled out, then you should see a doctor for medical advice.

6. Menopause is Only For Women Over 50

It’s true that averagely, 51 is the age for a woman to get to menopause. However, one in a hundred women experience menopause even before they’re fourty. This is called premature menopause and they do go through the symptoms.

7. If You Get a Urine Infection, It Means You’ve Got Poor Hygiene

Nothing could be further from the truth. Women should never think of themselves or of other women, that their hygiene is poor if they get a urine infection. Several things could cause a urine infection, like pregnancy (yes!), constipation, low immunity and a kidney problem. It’s even possible to have a urine infection with no cause or problem. If however, it keeps reoccurring, then maybe you should go for further testing to reveal the problem.

8. Rape Does Not Happen Very Often

This one is a sensitive one. You have this belief because the people who have been raped are mostly quiet about it. These people could be your sister, your child, your mother or a friend. According to a survey, one out of six women have experienced attempted or complete rape sometime in their lives. Some of these people have been there more than once. For the men, it’s one in thirty three, see the difference? Infact, in eight out of ten female rape incidents, the victim was very familiar with the perpetrator. To make sure you’re protected from this to some extent, it’s important that you identify what we call the “vulnerability factors “. These factors include whatever makes you more vulnerable to rape. Some of these factors include : poverty or desperation, drug or alcohol abuse, multiple sex partners, history of sexual violence and lots more.

9. It’s impossible to get pregnant while you’re on your period

It is not impossible to get pregnant while you’re on your period.

If you’re avoiding getting a baby or trying to get one, then you should know that sex during your period does not rule out pregnancy. The female menstruation cycle is typical twenty eight days long. For some women, their period starts on day one and ovulation comes around day fourteen. Ovulation however varies depending on each woman’s cycle. Ovulation could happen on the twelfth day of a twenty eight day cycle or on the twenty first day of a thirty five day cycle.
Sperm could stay in the body for up to three days too. That means having sex during that time frame is no guarantee that your egg will not get fertilised. The likelihood isn’t as high, but it isn’t as low either. Be sure to always practice safe sex, except you want to have a baby of course.


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