Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women


Today’s society hardly ever breaks a sweat when it comes to  setting impossible beauty standards. You have to be some type of way to be considered beautiful, tall and skinny- the stereotypes are astonishing.

To survive in a beauty world like that, the plus size girl is always told to eat less and exercise more. So she winds up doing everything else except making sure she is confident. She infact  does not need the opinion of any one as long as she feels good about herself. This is possible with fashion. Since the plus size girl is usually neglected when fashion is talked about, this article has been written for the same purpose.
Before moving on, the first plus size fashion tip is – Get a look you feel confident in. Your confidence is most important.
Also know that you should not have a limited fashion sense because of your size. Infant, people are going to love you if you’re fashionable.
If you have never thought yourself fashionable, the good news is you actually are, why else would you be interested in this article?
Okay, let’s get right on with some helpful fashion tips for plus size women.

1 Make Sure You Are In Touch With Your Body Kind

Being in touch with your body is important as it helps you understand what your body shape is like. Always bear in mind that being on the bigger side does not make you any less beautiful. With understanding your body shape comes a good sense of style because you determine what is best for your body. If you have large hips and small boobs or small hips and large boobs, which ever you possess, all you need to look fabulous is a perfect style. Learn to dress according to what your body shape is, that way you learn what makes you look a certain way and avoid styles that do not express your beauty or enhance your confidence.

2. Experiment with Monochrome

Your colour choice is just as important as any other thing when it comes to dressing up. It is generally advised that you go for monochrome dresses because they help conceal a bit of the weight and make your body appear smaller than it is. However don’t stick  to monochrome so much that you become a boring person. Try to experiment with colours sometimes. Mix up a monochrome with more colourful accessories, it’s much better than wearing one colour. Also try nude colours, just make sure it is a different shade from your skin.

3. The Undergarment Secret

Undergarments? What has that got to do with anything? Well, hold your horses. The kind of undergarments you put on has a lot to do with everything. For example, if you wear over sized undergarments, they gather up beneath your clothes and make them look ugly. If you also wear undergarments that are way too tight, your body is compressed, also making you look awkward  and leaving you uncomfortable. Your undergarments, to a large extent, determine how good a dress looks on you. It could either ruin your style or it could colour it.

4. Avoid Outfits That Make You Look Bigger

You are already big as a plus size woman, the last thing you need are outfits that make you look fatter or bigger than you are. It’s a lot better to pick out clothes that fit but are not tight. If you do want to do a flowy outfit, then by all means, go ahead, just be sure to use a belt to help look better

4. If You Must Do White, Do it Cautiously

How beautiful you look depends more on the fitting than the colour of the wear. It is generally believed that white makes you look fatter, but it actually is not true if you get the right outfit. White only makes you look bigger on camera. Flimsy fabrics should be avoided as they make your folds more apparent. Go for fabrics that have more thickness and structure, they help with support and make you look better.

5. Be Picky With Tops and Dresses

You already know you can’t throw on just anything you find. In making choices about dresses, go for the ones that fit and make your good parts obvious. You should also make sure the dress you pick makes you comfortable and confident. Consider accessorizing with belts, to give you a curvy, hot appearance. When it comes to choosing tops, long tops are preferable as they give you a tall appearance. V-necks are a good style to go for, they cause you to appear thin above. Avoid clothes with a lot of details, especially on body parts that are already emphasized because of the size. Too much details draw more attention to those parts and cause them to appear even bigger .

6. Patterns

Be extremely careful about patterns, certain patterns are wrong for your size. Stripes for example are not your best bet, especially large horizontal stripes. There are striped outfits you can try out, nonetheless. The asymmetrical stripes for example, will make you appear smaller. Do thinner stripes, fat ones will only make you look fatter. Also go for light-coloured stripes on dark backgrounds. They will make you look better than the dark coloured stripes on light backgrounds. Generally, small patterns cause you to appear smaller than you already are, which is better than going for clothes with big patterns. Vertical or diagonal stripes are advised, it makes you look thinner and taller than you are. Horizontal stripes will only make you look fatter, except you’re trying to accentuate your bust.

At the end of the day, remember your confidence and comfortability is most important in choosing outfits. The following points have probably helped you or given you some Ideas. Now, you can be more confident when you walk into a boutique because you know what you want. You too can be trendy and fashionable. All you need is inspiration, this article has probably already done that for you. Good luck!


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