Facial muscle exercises that will take years off your Face!


Facial muscle exercises are a non-invasive alternative to surgery and botox. They’re able to lift your face easily and help banish, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. As a matter of fact, Meghan Markle is reportedly a huge fan of these exercises.
These exercises go to work on the dermis, hypodermis and the epidermis. By going to work on these layers, it will boost blood circulation, allow more oxygen and nourishment to reach cells of the skin. As a result, it leaves your skin looking clearer, healthier and with more ability to absorb moisture.
The anti-aging facial exercises will also help stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the skin’s middle layer, giving you are tighter-looking, smoother and more supple.
It is recommended that you carry out these facial exercises sic times a week for twenty minutes. You may think it’s a lot but it’s just right if you want quick results. Even though it may take different times for different people to see clear changes, as a rule of thumb, you’ll generally begin to see changes in both your face and neck anywhere after two weeks.
After four months, you would have noticed that you have less tension and less fine lines, plus, more people will notice that you look younger, healthier and a lot more energised.
We’ve taken our time to prepare this list of facial exercises that are sure to cause huge changes in your face. Make sure you’re using something with some slip, like face oils or face serums.

Anti-Aging Facial Exercises

1. Jowl lifter

What to do:

• Lift your neck
• Then turn your head to one side
• Stick out your jaw
• Turn your head to another side and do the same

2. Neck line definer

The lines of your muscles and tendons on your neck are responsible for elongating and defining a graceful neck, making you look much younger.

What to do:

• Start by turning your neck to a side until you can see your neck muscles and tendons in a mirror.
• Hold the pose for ten seconds
• Turn the neck to the other side and hold the pose for another second
• Keep alternating for as long as you can.

3. Collar Bone Definer

The collar bone is a difficult area to tone. It accentuates the base of a young face and neck.

What to do:

• Again, turn your neck to one side until you can see the neck lines.
• Rotate your opposite shoulder forward three inches till the hollow that is triangular shaped between the neck and collar bone is visible.
• Repeat the exercise for the other side.

4. Forehead Line Eraser

• Using all your fingertips, press upward gently at your hairline.
• While doing this, frown slightly in a way that you don’t wrinkle your forehead but somehow push downward so that you create a resistance against your fingers that press upwards.

5. Nostril to Upper Lip Line Eraser

• Before carrying out this exercise, wash your hands and then dry.
• Place a clean thumb in your upper cheek near your gum (inside your mouth)
• Smile, such that your closing your upper lip so that it presses down against your thumb.

6. Chin Lifter

• Start by rolling up your lower lip over your teeth.
• Next, push your tongue up so that it settle between your lower lip and your teeth.
• Press your lower lip against your tongue for a few before easing off.

7. Upper Eye Lifter

When your eyes look good, it has a huge impact on how young you look. This exercise is therefore one of the most important exercises to carry out.
• With the finger tips of three middle fingers on each hand, press the area close to the lower brow line of both eyebrows.
• Press in, then push upwards gently with your fingers.
• While doing that, frown so that you create a resistance with your eyebrows.

8. Cheek Apple Lifter

According to research, smile muscle training after a corrective dental surgery can help boost muscle tone and build confidence. This is important for how the patient feels about their appearance. So we’ll consider this a smiling exercise.

What to do:

• Wash your hands first before pinching the corner of your mouth, close to the smile line area.
• While tightly pinching (must be tight enough), give your mirror a big smile.
• You’ll feel a facial muscle pull that will help lift the apple off your cheeks
• Do this for either side of your mouth as many times as possible.

9. Under Eye Lifter

When you have eye bags, it goes to say that you’re not getting enough rest. This simple facial exercise can turn things around and help you appear younger.

What to do:

• Look up with just your eyes. Try to not tilt your head at all
• It’s okay if you eyelids keep fluttering because you’re straining a muscle that is underused.
• Remember to breathe deeply while pulling off this exercise.

10. Turkey Neck Tightener

Toning your neck is just as important as toning your face muscles. It will help fight sagging. That way, your neck doesn’t have to look like a dreaded wrinkly “turkey neck “.

What to do:

• Start by tilting your head backwards till the skin beneath your jaw is taut.
• Push your lower jaw out and press your tongue onto your lower gum line.
• Next, roll out your bottom lip

11. The giraffe

This exercise is great for toning your neck and fighting the loose skin and wrinkle lines. You could use this as an alternative to getting a jowl lift and a neck lift.

What to do:

• Start by looking straight ahead.
• Place your fingertips at your neck bottom, stroking the skin lightly downwards while tilting your head backwards.
• Bring your head back down to your chest and start all over again, repeating it two more times.
• Then jut your lower lip out and stretch as far as possible so the corners of your mouth and pulled down.
• Place your fingertips on your collarbone with your chin pointing up.
• Hold for four deep breaths.

12. The flirty eyes

This exercise helps to tone eye brows that are dropping and deep eye hollows. It can comfortably be used as an alternative to brow lifts.

What to do:

• Start by placing each of your index fingers under each eye, pointing towards your nose
• Make sure to hide your teeth and tease the top and bottom lip away from each other
• Flutter your upper eyelids while staring upwards. Do this for thirty seconds.


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