Making money can sometimes be quite challenging, but as challenging as it is money making is necessary for man’s survival. You can hardly survive without money as all your daily needs can be catered for. For this purpose people continually seek out ways to increase their financial capacity, some get jobs while others indulge in business.

As we all know getting a job can be quite tasking and acquiring the adequate amount of capital for startup can also be quite a herculean task. Well, if you have been looking for something simple that you can do from home without spending too much capital, this article is meant for you.

Here are a few opportunities that you can consider:


This is practically the next big thing right now. The demand for agricultural products is far higher than the supply, this means that it is a potential goldmine for anyone who can delve in. You do not need millions to start up agribusiness, and you can start from the comfort of your home.

Social media consulting

Social media is gradually taking over the face of business, there is almost no business that is not on social media. You can offer your services at a fee to manage social media accounts for some of these businesses. To do this you just need a steady internet connection and a good laptop.

Waste management

This business is quite versatile as it has a lot of branches. Getting involved comes at really no cost and you can make great profit from the business, as they say, “shit business is good business.”


Offering your services online to people who need them at a cost will fetch you some good money. Services copywriting, graphic design, content development, app development, etc. You just need to sign up on websites that help you sell your services, mostly at no cost.


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