Essential Oils for healthy Skin


Skin breakouts are never funny, and whenever your skin develops any condition, the first thing that comes to mind is to find the quickest way to get rid of it. This is where essential oils come in. With their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, they can easily help restore your skin to its glow.

Essential oils can help improve your skin’s vitality and appearance. Most of them have natural properties that benefit skin health, provide hydration, and helps clear bumps and blemishes. Some essential oils can also help with more significant skin problems like aging, eczema, acne and psoriasis.


How to Use Essential Oils to Promote Healthier Skin

There are some guidelines you might want to follow while applying essential oils to the skin.

First, you have to dilute the essential oils before applying them. Always dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil to a maximum dilution of at least 5 percent. You can check your essential oil vendor about the most suitable ratios that won’t be too strong for you. Also, make sure you carry out a skin patch test before you start using any essential oil. That way you will be certain your skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction. You can also carry out the test in your inner forearm because the skin there is as delicate and similar as the skin on the face.

Essential oils are perfect for anyone at all, but it is should be avoided by pregnant or nursing mothers, infants and young children.

That being said, make sure you conduct a proper research or consult a medical professional before using an essential oil.

Essential oils are grouped under four categories

  • Anti-Aging Essential Oils and Carrier Oils
  • Anti- inflammatory Essential Oils
  • Moisturizing  Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for  Cleaning Pores

Anti-Aging Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

Anti –aging essential oils can be used to fight aging signs such as dry skin or wrinkles. Just drop a few of  some of your anti-aging essential oils to a regular lotion or a carrier oil. It  can provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it  glowing. The oils in this category also help with skin damage from sunburn.

Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil

Rosehip seed oil contains a myriad of compounds that can benefit your skin health, including vitamins A, C,E. It also has some of the essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can help in cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil is great oil for brightening and lightening skin and it is very beneficial if you have spots or dull skin. All you need to do is add some carrot seed oil to your daily face moisturizer to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

 Pomegranate seed oil helps to stimulate cells in the skin’s outer layer, known as keratinocytes. This helps revive the skin, reverse skin damage, and promote more youthful-looking skin. It also contains polyphenols, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that help minimize the effects of photoaging.

Neroli Essential Oil

 Neroli essential oil is an extract from flowers of bitter orange fruits. It has an enthralling floral andcitrus aroma. The rejuvenating effects of this essential oil are perfect for your oily, sensitive and ageing mother. It also helps in reducing the appearance of appearance of stretch marks.

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang  is referred to as a skin-preserver for a variety of reasons. Studieshave found that ylang-ylang oil embody antioxidant that are perfect for promoting skin rejuvenation. And this is done by repairing the proteins and lipids in your skin.

Also, the antioxidant contained in ylang-ylang oil have capacities to scavenge free radicals that can prevent signs of aging.

Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils

Puffiness, itchiness and redness can all be a result of damaged skin, dry skin and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Thankfully are a lot of essential oils with properties that can help relieve you of the discomfort that is associated with the appearance of these conditions.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

 Roman chamomile essential oil should be your easy go for skin conditions like Eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for remedying diaper rashes and poison ivy.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavenderoil is not only reputable for its calming benefits, but also because of naturalfloral fragrance. In addition to its calming effect, it can soothe inflammation. What this means is that essential oil is effective for reducing skin discoloration, redness and irritation.And it can even restore your skin tone.

It canalso help regenerate your skin cells which makes it easy to reduce skin spots and removing scarring. It also works for all skin types.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This is one of the best essential oils for dry skin. It has been used over ages for its calming and spiritual properties and also its moisturizing effects on the skin.

It also helps heal dry skin. A-santalol and B-santalol are the active ingredients in sandalwood essential oil and have been found to have impressive anti-inflammatory functions. Another benefit of sandalwood essential oil is that it can be used on all skin types.

Moisturizing Essential Oils

Dry skin often results in issues like flakiness, itchiness, and even coarseness of the skin. Add several drops of the essential oils below to mineral or distilled water for a moisturizing mist.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential has enzymes that help regulate oil production in your skin. That is why it is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry skin. It also helps in the production of sebum in your skin, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin.

It also has a non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-toxic, which is why it can be used for nearly all skin types. It also helps treat a variety of skin problems including eczema and dermatitis.


Myrrh Essential Oil

The moisturizing effects associated with myrrh oils helps to heal dry and chapped skin. It also stimulates circulation and generation of new cells, giving your skin a smooth and youthful look.

Essential Oils for Clearing Pores

The essential oils in this category are concerned with acne, black heads and large pores. These essential oils will keep your pores clean, and at the same time revitalize your skin. They can also help repair damages on your skin.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon oil, because of its anti-inflammatory properties is a common ingredients in skin care products. It is perfect for treating skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, itches and rashes. It also helps improve the appearance of fine lines by plumping your skin. What this implies is that it may also be able to stimulate blood flow to your face.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is another essential oil prominent for its versatility. It is first, very useful when it involves controlling acne breakout since it has the ability to clean your pores without oversaturating your skin.

It’s microbial properties can prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria. The combination of these properties helps clear your skin, at the same time, preventing further breakouts.

Essential oils can and should be a great part of your skincare routine.


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