Egg yolk Benefits For The Hair and Skin


The yellow ball-like part in a raw egg when it cracks open is the egg yolk. It is usually suspended in the egg white and is rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamin A, vitamin D, folate, biotin etc. Did you know that a healthy hair contains the exact nutrients found in an egg yolk? Wonderful, right? Egg yolk has different benefits for the hair and the skin as its nutrients nourish both. Itcauses the skin to be soft and supple and boosts hair health. Only recently, these benefits have been scientifically tested and has been found to be true. The best part about the egg yolk treatment for the skin and hair is how cheap an egg is. Such cost effectiveness for such benefits!
Below are some of the amazing benefits of egg yolk, beginning with the hair.


Protects Hair From Damage

As initially established, egg yolk is highly rich in vitamins which cause the hair to become resistant to damage. Some of these vitamins include vitamin A, E, folate and biotin. . It also protects the hair from breaking as a result of dryness by providing moisture.

Boosts Hair Growth

The presence of vitamins in egg yolk not only protects the hair from damage, it also encourages the growth of new hair that is stronger and less likely to break . With the hair protected, hair loss is curbed and with new hair growing by reason of hair follicle stimulation, the hair gets fuller and could appear to be growing quickly. Egg yolk also provides nourishment for the hair roots and contain sulphur which is an important nutrient of hair boosting. Iron, which is a nutritional deficiency that is common is contained in small quantities in the egg yolk, but it contributes largely to the production of new cells in the hair, leading to a significant increase in the hair volume. Although substantial proof has not been done on this, it only makes perfect sense that food that rich in vitamins, proteins and iron would improve hair growth.

Moisturizes Hair

Fat is one of the major ingredients found in the egg yolk. With a high fat content, the hair is softened and moisturized in the process. Specifically, lecithin is the fat responsible for the moisturization of the hair. You will find same ingredient in lots of expensive cosmetic hair products. If you have dry and damaged hair, then this means egg yolk could be the solution to your hair problem. It also enhances the production of natural oil, sebum, in the scalp. For better results, try making into a hair mask by mixing it with an equally effective ingredient. An example is the egg yolk and honey. Honey would do justice to dry hair as a result of its humectant property.

Strengthens Hair

Egg yolk is high in protein, this makes it useful in strengthening the hair. With stronger strands, breakage is prevented and your hair can reach its potential length

Prevents Hair Loss

The presence of vitamin A in egg yolk prevents hair loss. With strengthening of the hair, hair loss is also prevented. It also stimulates hair follicle growth and nourishes the scalp , while aiding the root of the hair to become well strengthened. With hair growth stimulated, hair and root strengthened, it is difficult for the hair to fall off.


Egg yolk is rich in fatty acids which help curb dryness and get rid of dandruff. It does this by stimulating the production of sebum, the natural oil produced in the skin. Sebum is produced to keep the scalp, hair and skin moisturized. You could use the yolk alone or you could go right ahead with a hair mask by adding other ingredients to maximize results. An example of an ingredient you could add to the yolk for dandruff, dry, flaky and itchy scalp is neem oil. It possesses anti-bacterial properties and moisturizing properties that causes it to effectively combat dandruff along with the egg yolk.


Brightens Skin

Egg yolk contains fatty acids and hydration properties which help to keep the skin bright. This means it is ideal especially for dull, dry skin. It works to get the skin not only bright but supple and soft as well.

Cures Acne

Acne is majorly caused by bacteria. Sometimes though, it is caused by excess sebum secretion on the skin’s surface. Egg white possesses anti-bacterial properties that could protect your skin from acne break outs or help clear them if they occur. Egg yolk also helps balance out oily skin and put it under control, that way less oil is produced, but just enough. While applying onto the face, take special care to avoid being too harsh on your face as it could make the acne worse. Use your fingers to massage it onto the skin, not a brush or anything else that could be harmful.


Egg yolk is known to tighten to skin, thereby lifting the skin. Since it is able to do this, it ends up reversing, slowing down or preventing premature aging with signs like wrinkles and fine lines especially on the face. You could either use just the egg yolk or you could try mixing it with other ingredients like avocado etc.

Clears Blackheads

Blackheads are not a good sight, everybody hates them. Thankfully, egg yolk does too. It could draw sebum and eventually pull out these uglies stuck in the pores. Since it also tightens the skin pores, it could squeeze the heads and have them come off the skin surface. To use this egg yolk property, you could have it used alone. For better results however, mix the yolk with honey and lemon.

Tightens Skin Pores

We have already seen the tightening properties of the egg yolk and how much of every other thing it affects. It could help reverse or slow aging, clear black heads and lift your sagging cheeks and face generally. Simply cover your face in the yolk and let it dry before washing off. You could apply with your fingertips or use a clean and soft brush provided there’s no acne on your face.


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