Ear infection? Try this.


Ear infections are common occurrences, especially in children. They are caused by a lot of things. Some of the causes include : viruses, bacteria, allergies, yeast, wax build-up, etc.

If you think twice about home remedies, then it’s understandable. You should, however, know that only home remedies were available when there were no pills, no clinics and what nots. They all were dependent on natural ways to cure ailments. You know what? These natural remedies worked most of the time.

So if you’re having second thoughts about home remedies, you shouldn’tworry so much. They’re effective, safe and have little or no side effects.
So, when you suspect your ear has a problem, you should try natural remedies as they’ll cure the ailment.

Plus, some of these pills can be unsafe considering how much chemicals are put into them. Not to mention, they sometimes have huge side effects. Home remedies are safer.

So what are the warning signs that you have an ear infection?

Signs and Symptoms of an Ear Infection

• Vomiting
• Earache
• Dull and ill feeling
• Feeling of fullness in the ear
• Diarrhoea
An ear infection can occur in the outer, middle or inner ear.
Infection of the outer ear is also known as otitis externa.
A middle ear infection is known as otitis media. This is often accompanied by pain and swelling.
Inner ear infection occurs when the ear canal fluid goes to the inner ear and causes an infection. Signs of this kind of infection include vertigo, balance problems, dizziness, hearing and vision difficulties.
Note that if what you suspect is a ruptured eardrum, it’s unwise to pour liquid into it as a form of treatment. Pouring liquid into your ear will not do more than make matters worse. How do you know when you have a ruptured eardrum? You’ll know when you notice liquid seeping out of the ear, intense pain and then a cessation at some point.

Home Remedies For Ear Infections

1. Essential Oils
Essential oils for ear infection can be used by both kids and adults. Lemon oil can soothe pain and has analgesic properties. Lavender oil has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. It will therefore get rid of the infection quite easily and relieve the pain.
When you massage the oils behind the ear, the lymphatic system opens up, helping to drain the ear infection.

Here’s what you’ll need :

• A cotton ball
• Three drops of lavender essential oil
• A drop or two of lemon essential oil
• Half a drop of coconut oil
Here’s what you should do
• Start by dabbing the lavender oil on the cotton ball and placing it on your ear, not inside. Place it in a way that it stays at the entrance of your ear and does not fall off.
• Pour drops of coconut and lemon oil on your palm and mix. Apply behind the ear, in a downward motion. Keep massaging as you move from behind the ear and slowly move to the jaw. Don’t massage back and forth or upwards, make sure you’re only using downward motions.
• Keep on massaging till you’ve used up the oil on your palm.
• Let the ball of cotton remain in your ear until you notice a reduction of the pain
• If the pain resurfaces after a few hours , then place another cotton ball in the ear again.

2. Garlic Oil

Garlic oil has a powerful antimicrobial characteristic that is effective in getting rid of fungi and bacteria and eventually healing an ear infection. The warmth from the oil will also help melt whatever wax may be building up in the ear.

Here’s what you’ll need

• A dropper
• Two to three drops of garlic oil
Here’s what you should do
• Warm the garlic oil a bit before use
• When it is considerably warm, pour a bit of it into the ear while lying on your side with the infected part facing upwards.
• Stay in that position for about fifteen minutes before finally moving.
• Repeat this method at least twice a day till the symptoms are gone

Breast Milk

Breast milk for ear infection was one of the most common home remedies for ear infections, especially in infants. It contains a lot of antibodies that speedily heals many ailments. It also relieves the pain and inflammation that may accompany the infection.

Here’s what you’ll need

• Breast milk
• A dropper

Here’s what you should do

• Pour some breast milk in a container to make it easy for a dropper to pick it up.
• When the milk is in the container, use a dropper to take some of the milk
• Pour the breast milk into the infected ear while lying down so it doesn’t seep out of the ear canal.
• Stay lying down for a while before finally standing
• Repeat this every few hours so the ear infection will completely be healed, along with the pain.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a common natural remedy for a lot of ailments, ear infection is not an exception. Coconut oil contains liposomal lauric acids. This acid possesses antimicrobial characteristics that help get rid of pathogens.
Coconut oil also possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which is great for soothing and relieving the pain.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A dropper
• A cotton ball
• A few drops of coconut oil
Here’s what you should do
• Pour a few drops of coconut oil in a container to enable the dropper pick some easily.
• With the dropper, pour some of the oil in the ear in drops.
• Keep opening and closing your jaw to let the oil reach every corner of the ear canal.
• With the cotton, block the entrance of your ear to prevent the oil from seeping out.
• Stay that way for twenty minutes before throwing the cotton ball away.
• Repeat it twice everyday till you’re sure the infection is completely gone.
Alcohol for ear infection is another effective method.

Rubbing Alcohol For Ear Infection

Alcohol is a popular antibacterial substance known to kill pathogens. It also dries up excess water that may be responsible for the pain. It is especially great for swimmers if they ever get an infection and can be used for prevention too.

Here’s what you’ll need

• Rubbing alcohol
• A cotton ball

Here’s what you should do

• Soak the cotton ball in alcohol use to have about four drops of alcohol in your ear.
• Do it thrice in a day till you’re sure the infection is cured

Note : if you feel a sensation that burns after dropping the alcohol in your ear, then you should see a doctor.


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