Easy Work Outs To Burn Belly Fat


Belly fat is bad. You most likely nodded to that, remembering how you can no longer wear your favourite gown or how you feel slightly embarassed everytime you have tight clothes on that reveal your fat belly. But, I did not just say “Belly fat is bad “ because of how it affects your confidence and appearance. In truth, the cons of belly fat go way beyond esteem and appearance. You see, when you have belly fat, it accumulates between organs around the abdomen like between the intestines and the stomach. It’s also known as visceral fat. This could cause major complications including Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases as a result of the toxins released that cause the organs to malfunction. Yes, belly fat is DANGEROUS. So you might want to rethink keeping all that fat in.
The good news is, you’re not hopeless and this article will show you ways to burn belly fat without spending outrageous hours sweating through extremely difficult ab exercises. All you need are the right routines and twenty minutes of your time everyday. Might I add, you also do not need to visit a gym everyday and spend so much money. Simply grab a cute mat and try out these exercises on it. In no time, you’ll have your dream belly, and the health risks that come with belly fat will be very far from you.
Take note that your diet would also involve foods rich in fibre, and you would have to restrict your intake of sugar and processed foods. You’re probably scrunching up your face, but of course you would need to leave your comfort zone for something to change.

Swimmer Position

To carry this out, begin by laying with your stomach to the ground. Your arms and legs should be extended as if your body’s forming an “X “. Try to extend your spine, then raise your thighs and your chest from off the floor, you’ll look like you’re skydiving. Next, raise your right arm and left leg like you’re trying to reach the ceiling and do the same for the next side which would be your left arm and right leg. Do this like you’re in water, swimming. Keep going for about a minute. Do more than a minute if you can.

Flutter Kicks

You begin flutter kicks laid flat on a mat with your back to the ground. Place your palms beneath your butt face down like its supporting the butt muscles. Next, lift your legs, both of them above the ground. They both should be in a straight line. By now, your abs are being put to work. Start kicking your legs one after the other, up and down. Do not let your legs touch the floor, kick in the air. Also be sure your lower back remains on the floor, do not at any point lift it off the floor till you’re done. Keep doing it for as long as you can endure.

Elbow Knee Crunches

You’ll also begin this exercise with your back to the ground, flat. Place your hands underneath your head. Make sure your legs are straightened out. Then slowly lift your upper body, still with your hands behind your head as support. Your knees should be bent as you lift your upper body from off the floor till your right elbow touches your left knee. Stay that way for a second or two, then slowly lower your body again to the floor and straighten your legs like you started. Next, do the same for your left elbow and right knee and hold the position too. Then go back to laying straight on the floor and lift yourself again, except that this time your right finger should touch your left toes. After that, start all over. Keep doing this till you can’t go further. At least repeat five or six times.

Swinging Boat

This exercise begins with a sitting position. While sitting up, bend your knees together and raise your hands over your head. Try to sit as tall as you can. Then sit on one butt cheek and take both of your arms to your right hip. Go back to the position you began with and then repeat the exercise for your other butt cheek. Do as many as you can for about five minutes.

Roll Up and Lift

This exercise begins with your taking a laid position, back facing the ground. Keep your legs above, 45 degrees is ideal enough and your upper body raised slightly to let your arms touch your knees on either sides. Then slowly, move your body back to the floor such that your hips rise higher from off the floor. Let your arms control your movement by placing them firmly by your side on the floor. Do as much of this as possible.


This exercise is one of the most tried and tested method. It produces the quickest result and is quite easy to perform. Begin by laying flat on the floor with your hands underneath your head as support. Your knees should be bent while your feet remains on the ground. Then, raise your head and neck from the floor, exhaling as you keep lifting up your upper body. Next, lower yourself back to the ground slowly, inhaling as you do this. Continue to do this for a while and then rest.

Russian Twist

Begin seated on your mat, with your knees bent slightly and your heels glued to the mat. Then begin to lower yourself backwards towards the ground till you can feel your abdomen engaged. Your arms should be stretched out. Then begin to twist slowly from left to right with your abdomen supplying the strength not just your arms. You could also begin lying down with your knees bent so that you lift your upper body towards your knees to form a “V”with the upper body on one side and the bent knee on the other before twisting. As you get a hang of this, try holding weights during your side to side movements.

Sit ups

Sit ups are one of the most popular belly exercises. It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen. Begin by taking a laid position on your mat with your back to the ground and your face up. You could have your arms underneath your head as support if you need to. That, or leave them on your torso, crossed, whichever works for you. Slowly, lift your upper body towards your knees, exhaling as you go. Then bring your body back to the floor, inhaling as you go. Make sure your abdominal muscles are involved fully in your movements, not just your hands. Repeat this as much as 10 times, or 15 if you can.


Planks do more than just help you burn belly fat, they also improve your posture, tone your abdominal muscles and support your spine. Start by positioning yourself like you’re about to do a press up except that your elbows should be bent and your weight on your forearms instead of your palms. Your body should be strictly in a straight line and your belly button sucked in like it’s going to go into your spine. Hold this position for a while before resting. Repeat it five more times before calling it a day. It doesn’t matter how long you can keep the position at the beginning, with consistency, you can get better at it and keep the position for longer.

Decide which of the exercises you’re  going to keep doing until you begin to see results. You could pick two or three of any of them and stick with them.  But remember that you will have to make necessary lifestyle adjustments to not render your work outs in vain. For example,  apart from healthy eating,  also try to be more physically active throughout the day.  Walks, riding a bike,  running or anything else could work.


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