Easy ways to Lose Belly Fat without Exercising

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Accumulation of belly fat is one challenged that has plagued man for almost as long as the existence of man. Due to the awkward nature of belly fat, several people have employed several means to ensure that they lose belly fat, these measures have worked for some but have just discouraged others.

You hear doctors advising their patients, friends and family members about losing belly fat. Looking at the dangers posed by belly fat, you cannot really blame them. Accumulation of belly fat also known as visceral or abdominal fat releases hormones like cortisol and other inflammatory substances, cytokines to be specific which affect the production of insulin in the body. The ultimate repercussions of these include obesity and type2 diabetes and heart disease.

Several people have resorted to using rigorous exercises to aid their elimination of visceral fats however, most of them hardly have the ability to stay consistent to these routines. The resultant effect of this inconsistency is little or no loss of fat or even a gain at the end of the day. Some others never even try as several issues bind them from involving themselves in exercises at all. If you are one such people, this article is just for you, we aim to educate you on what habits you can inculcate in your lifestyle that will help lose that belly fat in less than no time and that without going through the pains of exercising.

CONSUMING COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES. This food class is made up of whole grains like brown rice, couscous, bulgur wheat, and other foods like dark bread. These help add fibre to your daily meals and at the same reduce your consumption of other food ingredients in your meals. They help you keep full for longer periods and thus eat less calories.

INCREASE DAIRY INTAKE. Studies show that consuming three cups of yoghurt a day can help one lose far more weight than one would when on pills. You just need to add some yoghurt, milk and cheese to your diet on a daily basis. They help reduce the manufacture of cortisol in the body and also contain the fat burning acid, linoleic acid.

GET GOOD SLEEP. Studies show that people who sleep six hours a day tend to gain at least 2kg more weight than those who sleep for eight hours. With enough rest your body normalizes the production of hunger hormones thus making you eat less, ultimately leading to less calorie consumption and fat accumulation. As a light sleeper, you have a 27% chance of gaining weight than a normal sleeper.

WINE WITH DINNER. Research results show that the consumption of one or two glasses of wine with dinner helps to reduce fat accumulation. This is because the body does not breakdown wine fast enough and thus gives a feeling of fullness. People who consume wine with their food tend to gain less weight than those who don’t.

DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. Taking two cups of water before each meal can help lose about 7kg in 12 weeks, how amazing. Drinking water also keeps you hydrated and thus in want of less food. You also keep your body organs in good working condition just from drinking adequate water. The benefits of taking lots of water are indeed boundless.

With these practices and more you can be sure to lose some weight in a healthy manner without going through the rigors of exercise routines.



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