Easy Tricks on How to Soften Hair Texture

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Soften hair texture, is the common goal, for all women with naturally grown hair, however, this seems to be a problem for many, as our basic lifestyles, and natural changes affects our hair negatively, such as; our poor  hair care

Aging, and even

The food we eat.

Dry and coarse hair texture can be treated with many naturally breaded home remedies, as moisturizing the hair, it may not be the only solution to this menace.

Before going further, in this article, we are going to talk about how well you your hair, is the first remedy to soften the hair texture, as the type of hair you have, is very essential in knowing what type of remedy, would work better for your hair. The shocking part is, you may know your recent hair type, but it tends to change as one grows older, and the natural oil your scalp produces decreases, and some times, can be based on a change in weather conditions.

              Easy Home Tricks  

  • Argon oil:


soften hair texture
img argan oil

This nutty oil has been making serious waves, over the past years, but has been in existence for long. Due to the richness of this oil is good for the hair, as it has therapeutic properties, rich with vitamin A& E, which boosts the cell production and regeneration of one’s hair. As the oil in packed with fatty acids and antioxidants like; the omega-6 fatty acid, and linoleic acid it makes it makes it a very good treatment for aging, damaged, and color treated hair as well, using this to condition your hair regularly, is very efficient in attaining a soft, and silky hair.

  • Apple Cider vinegar:


soften hair texture
img Apple cider vinegar

   Rinse your natural hair with the apple cider vinegar, because the hair contains pH, and most shampoo and conditioners were tend to use are only strong in alkaline. This vinegar helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp while cleaning up the excessive chemical products. And it would close the cuticles of the hair, and smoothens the hair texture, making it softer and shinier.

  • Banana:

Mashing one ripe banana and adding plain yogurt (two teaspoons full) apply this paste all over the hair, starting from the tips to the crown, then rinse with shampoo, after forty five minutes this works because, banana as this fruit is very rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium, and other natural oils. And it’s also well known for its antioxidant properties, that helps in making the hair moisturized and nourished. It also reduces tight curls, and soothes or all irritated scalps, when used regularly. The plain yogurt aids in adding more moisturizing power, to what is contained in the mashed banana, as it is known to be a great hair moisturized.

  • Aloe Vera gel:
soften hair texture
img Aloe vera gel

Get a stem of aloe vera, and cut into little pieces, to enable you extract the gel easily, then dilute with water, and apply all over your hair, and let it set for at most thirty minutes before washing with a mild shampoo. This recipe would surprise many, because the aloe gel contains, over seventy five well known nutrients, and other enzymes that keeps the hair healthy, and improves growth, making it soft and smooth without stress. The gel has chemical compositions, such as keratin (the major protein that builds up majority of the hair), thus making it easy to penetrate the shaft as provide the required moisturization.

  • Beer:


img Flat beer

Beer, has if recent been known for its beneficial effect to soften your hair, as it is rich in protein that helps to repair damaged hair, reduce the tight curls and improves the volume as well. Many would wonder, how the third most consumed drink in the world, do this things? Well yes it does, and we will be looking at how; firstly rinsing your hair alone with beer, helps it absorb oil gotten from the hair, and boost the volume (as the content of minerals, and silica are present). This also helps your hair to be silky Ave shiny in looks. By just using a pint of beer (that has been left uncapped overnight) pour in your hair, and massage, this should be fine after washing your hair, endeavor to use your hands to get this liquid into your scalp, rap for ten minutes, before rinsing with plain water. The beer used for this procedure must be flat.

  • Coconut oil:


img Coconut oil

Looking for a tangle free hair, the coconut oil is a great solution, and this oil in particular suits almost all kinds of hair type, well packed with fatty acids to repair everyday damage improve texture, and restore the health of your hair. Every healthy smooth and shiny hair, relays greatly on protein (which composes all human hair, but however we have used so many chemicals such as hair dye and highlighters, Ave this products diminish the strength of this protein. The coconut oil helps in protecting this natural protein as it possesses lauric acid, using it as a pre-shampoo treatment helps greatly in reducing the toughness of the hair, leaving it silky smooth.

  • Avocado oil:

Considering this is the lightest of all naturally processed oil, it’s effectiveness is also mind blowing, as it is easy to get into the scalp, and over all your hair as well, without worrying about the clogging of your pores. It enriches the hair with oleic acid, making it penetrate into the shaft of your hair, and keeping it moisturized, and preventing breakage, providing you with a soft, silky and shiny hair glow. When using this, get a ripe avocado and mash properly, then add about two tablespoons of virgin olive oil, damp your hair, and apply in it carefully (from its roots to the end of your hair shaft, leave to set for thirty minutes then wash off with a very mild shampoo, this would improve the soften hair texture.

It may take time and experimentation to find the exact products that gives you the soft hair you’re going for. The above remedies can help soften your hair over time. The effects will wear off after a few days until you reapply again. Other changes to your routine will take longer to impact your hair this can take several weeks depending on the extent of dryness or damage, and give the desired soften hair texture.

If your hair continues to be excessively dry despite the above remedies, see your doctor. Extensive dryness that won’t self-correct with healthy lifestyle habits could indicate a medical condition, such as nutritional deficiencies.








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