At the mention of the words belly fat, several ears stand at attention because it is one major issue that plagues several people all over the planet. Several remedies have come up to salvage this situation and the truth is you cannot truly pick one as the best of all. However it is more advisable to make use of natural means of reducing belly fat than the more chemical ones. This is necessary to avoid side effects that are renowned with the artificial products.
Every person likes to sport a flat belly, whether male or female, it is actually a thing of pride which tends to boost self-confidence.

A lot of people try to keep a trim belly but it just seems that the more they try, the more difficult it is to achieve. There are a few reasons why you may be adding weight in your belly region, let us take a look at some of them:

Your genetic makeup. A lot about how your body stores excess fat is dependent on your genetics. The way your parents looked in physique will most likely determine how you will too, if they had big tummies, it just means you are prone to such and will need to take extra care about what you eat. It still does not mean that you can be careless because your folks did not have bulging tummies, they might have just been disciplined.

Not enough or excess sleep. Not getting enough sleep will just imply that your body will require much energy and thus you will be eating more, the body then seeks for ways to store up the excess fat. Guess where, your belly. Sleeping too much too will mean you get a bulging tummy, especially when you sleep just after you had a meal.

Stress. When the body is under stress it pumps out cortisol which is a hormone that draws one to consume a lot of sugary foods, once the body has had enough sugar it converts the rest to fat. Most of this fat is stored around the belly and hips area.

How to use homemade tea
Research has it that green tea possesses certain flavonoids along with caffeine which aid in the oxidation of fat, improvement of body metabolism and ordering of insulin activity. Continual consumption of green tea on a daily basis could lead to about 2.9 pounds loss in weight, without any exercise. The question now is to do you channel this advantages for loss of belly fat? Very simple, follow these steps:

– Green tea leaves or powder
– Water, preferably hot.

– Heat the water and allow to boil, then allow to rest for a few minutes.
– Pour the water over the tea leaves or powder till you get the desired result.
– Serve the tea.

The time frame for brewing tea is not dependent on any theory, it is based on what you are comfortable with. You can enjoy your tea with some honey, but try as much as possible to avoid sugar.


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