Dry cleaning business in Nigeria: How to start.


Almost everybody is familiar with the laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria, just like every other small scale businesses, you can start this business with a little capital and walk your way to the top.

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What Laundry services involves;

This business involves a simple 5-steps process and you get your money rolling into your pocket. I guess you likethis part, everybody does.

  1. Collecting: This involves getting the clothes to be dry cleaned from your client. Your client may bring it to your shop or you collect it at their work place or home.
  2. Washing & Drying: This could be done either manually or by the use of a washing Machine or both. It is advisable to have a washing machine and a dryer.
  3. Ironing: After washing and drying, you need to iron the clothes to make it presentable and neat. Not all clothes requires ironing, careful packaging may be just all it needs.
  4. Packaging: Any dry cleaned clothes that is not well packaged is incomplete, you will agree with me that proper packaging helps increase the price of any product in question.
  5. Delivery: This is simply returning the clothes to its owners in exchange for your charges. The owners may come to your shop or you deliver it to their homes or workplace.

Now that you know what dry cleaning business entails, we can proceed to how to set up this busin


For you to run a successful Laundry services that will bring you the profit you so much desire, you will need the following items.

  • Shop Space: This is where you will house your laundry business.
  • A Generator
  • washing Machine
  • Drying machine
  • Ironing board
  • Dry cleaners Iron

The above mentioned are the major things you will need to start up your dry cleaning business, other items such as detergents,soaps, bleach, fuel, water, e.t.c should be included in your weekly or monthly budget. This is because you will need them more often and unlike the major ones have mentioned, they decrease in quantity as you use them.

Having known what you will need to run your dry cleaning business effectively, lets assume you have setup the business and the next thing you need is patronage, of course patronage brings money but how do you get the number of clients you are looking for?


Before we go into the marketing aspect, lets look at some of the few things that you will do to attract customers to your business.

    • Your Business Environment: This is the surroundings of your laundry shop, few people will want to patronage a dry cleaner with a filthy or unkept surroundings. Make sure your business premises is neat at all times to attract high paying customers.

Make a sign post: This will carry your business name boldly written to attract passer-by to the services you offer.

  • Be friendly: Even if you are naturally not a friendly person, try to smile alot with your customers and ask them how their day went. Nobody will like to continue patronizing someone that frowns all the time with the excuse of ‘that is how my face is’.



Starting a business is one thing, getting it out to the public is another. Not promoting your dry cleaning business will still bring you a considerable number of patronage, when you promote, it brings even more customers. This is where you will have the opportunity to increase the prices of your services to get rid of your low paying customers and this means more monend this means more money for you. The question now is, How do you promote your dry cleaning business?

  • Print flyers or hand bills: Get a good graphic designer to design an attractive flyer for your business (you can hire me) Keep some copies at public places like eateries, shops, hospitals, e.t.c when you keep them there, only people who are interested in your business will pick it up instead of giving it to people who will throw it away the minute you leave them.
  • Get customized packaging bags: This also speaks for your business, people may come across it by chance and may want to patronize you too.
  • Tell people about your business: when i mean tell people about your business i don’t mean telling just your friends and colleagues. Go out to work places where you know their worker employ the services of a dry cleaner to wash their office wears, talk to them about your business then hand them your business card. That is a ‘call to action’ which means when they need you, they just need to press some buttons and you are there.

Having known what to do to set-up a profitable laundry and dry cleaning business, let me know what you think about this ideas. Contact me if you have any difficulty.

Let us know if you have any question.


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