DIY Mayonnaise Hair Masks


Mayonnaise has slowly become popular for its astounding hair benefits. The benefits of mayonnaise for the hair are numerous, plus its natural and safe to use. You don’t have to worry about chemical damage, dehydration and all the other negative effects of using so much hair products on the hair. The substance is filled with oils, egg-yolk and several other ingredients that cause it to have such positive effects on the hair. Some of the effects include It’s ability to improve the texture, density, strength and shine of the hair. This would come as such goodnews to the ones who have frizzy and dry hair. It’s normal to have challenges finding the perfect mask for the hair. Conditioners are good, but they sometimes are only effective for a short period, afterwhich the effect wears off. We would understand if you decided it was time for you to try something natural, because of course it is time and what better way to start that with mayonnaise? Mayonnaise is filled with ingredients healthy for the hair like vinegar, soybean oil that contains Vitamins and fatty acids that moisturize the hair and cause it to shine.
Here’s a challenge for you : stick with using mayonnaise hair masks for about two weeks and see the difference. I bet you’ll never want to go back to those industrial production

DIY Hair Mask Ideas

Mayonnaise, Milk and Honey

Mayonnaise, Milk and Honey are natural conditioners individually. So when you bring them all together, you get a super conditioner! This mask is especially ideal for folks with dry, brittle hair. It would cause your hair to become soft and incredibly silky.
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• One tablespoon of raw milk
• One tablespoon of honey, preferably organic
• Get the mayonnaise, Milk and honey mixed together in a bowl.
• Mix until it is consistent
• Next apply the hair mask thoroughly, making sure to not out any strands.
• Cover your hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap, whichever is available.
• Let the mask sit on the hair for about an hour before shampooing.

Mayonnaise, Vinegar / Lemon juice

Lemon juice and vinegar possess a characteristic that gives them the ability to naturally cleanse. We already know on the other hand that mayonnaise moisturizes and conditions the hair. You could use the mayonnaise and vinegar / lemon juice hair mask when your hair possesses a dull appearance.
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• One tablespoon of vinegar
• One tablespoon of freshly extracted lemon juice
• In a bowl, mix half cup of mayonnaise with vinegar or lemon juice. The vinegar could be from apple cider or could be distilled.
• Apply the mixture onto your hair, making sure every stand is thoroughly covered.
• After application, cover the hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap.
• Leave the mask to work through the hair for an hour before washing off.

Mayonnaise and Egg white

Part of the ingredients used in the production of mayonnaise is egg yolk. As such, you will not need to combine mayonnaise and egg yolk for a hair mask. However, egg white is an important ingredient which causes the hair to flourish when combined with mayonnaise. It is effective in treating frizz and hydrating the hair.
• One egg white
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• Take the egg white away from the yolk.
• Along with half a cup of mayonnaise, have the egg white whisked thoroughly in a bowl.
• After mixing, apply the mask onto the hair making sure to cover every nook and cranny
• Afterwards, cover the hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap
• Let the mask sit on the hair for about an hour before shampooing and then washing.

Mayonnaise and Banana

The benefits of banana to the hair are wonderful and leave the hair cleansed and moisturized. Bananas are rich in vitamins and potassium, which causes the hair to be healthy. It also unclogs pores in the scalp and causes proper oxygenation and moisturization of the hair shafts. Mayonnaise provides essential minerals and nutrients for the hair which improves and boosts its texture. The hair mask is a good call for folks with rough and rather dull-looking hair. With steady application, in no time your dull and rough hair would become shiny and smooth to touch. Sun damaged will also come back to shape with this mask.
• One ride banana
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• Mix the mayonnaise with a ripe banana thoroughly making sure the banana is properly mashed.
• Apply the mixture onto the hair making sure the hair is covered completely
• Cover the hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag and leave the mask to sit for one hour
• After one hour, wash the hair with lukewarm water and dry.

Mayonnaise and Avocado

Both avocado and mayonnaise are packed with amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids, essential nutrients which help to nourish the scalp and condition the hair. It is ideal for dry and rough hair.
• One ripe avocado
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• Start by mashing the ripe avocado till it’s soft.
• Mix it with the mayonnaise until you get a perfect paste.
• Apply the mixture onto every part of your hair from the roots through to the tips
• Using a towel, wrap your hair and leave for about twenty minutes
• After twenty minutes, wash the mask off your hair.

Mayonnaise and coconut oil

With mayonnaise and coconut oil, you’re guaranteed a protection of cuticles, especially if you have coloured or dyed hair. In cases Where the cuticles are already damaged, mayonnaise and coconut oil still repairs the cuticles and have them sealed such that they stop bleeding out colour.
• A tablespoon of coconut oil
• Half a cup of mayonnaise
• To half a cup of mayonnaise, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and mix them thoroughly.
• Apply generously to your hair and leave for one hour
• Wash off and shampoo after an hour and see the difference.

Mayonnaise and Petroleum Jelly

This hair mask deals with hair infested by lice. With oil from both the mayo and petroleum jelly, it’s difficult for the little horrors to thrive. It’s especially effective in suffocating the lice when applied in large quantities.
• Petroleum jelly
• Mayonnaise
• In equal quantities, mix the mayo and petroleum jelly
• Apply generously onto your hair and leave for about an hour or more
• Wash off finally with lukewarm water. It’ll be the end of lice and eggs on your scalp!


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