Chocolate Benefits for your hair, skin and health

chocolate benefits
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Dark chocolate is not popular because it’s a little bitter. It is made from cocoa seeds and like its source, is a great source of antioxidants like flavanoids which help to prevent heart problems and strokes. Dark chocolate is loaded with lots of essential nutrients that are good for your health.
Wait… are you saying that eating chocolate is healthy? Yes! If it’s dark chocolate. Not so fast though, this does not mean you can run off to a chocolate store and empty its contents because you’re on some chocolate spree.  Taking so much of every good thing does not end up well.

Studies have gone on about the benefits of chocolate to the skin, the hair and the health generally, and it has been realized over and over that dark chocolate has a huge positive effect on the overall health and even improves beauty.
Go through the post to find out the effects of dark chocolate on your health, skin and hair. It will surprise you what knowledge you could mine from here.

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Effects of Dark Chocolate On The Hair

1. Hair Volume 

Dark chocolate contains several ingredients that are hair friendly and go a step further to improve hair quality. One of such improvements the chocolate makes is increase in volume of hair. It improves the quality of your tresses, making them healthier, which in turn causes the hair to shine and increase in volume.

2. Hair Loss

Dark chocolate helps in improving the circulation of blood in the scalp. This causes hair growth to become increased. It doesn’t just cause hair to grow, it causes healthy hair growth. With such property, it is able to combat hair loss.

3. Scalp Infections

Its strong anti-inflammatory characteristics make it good for the hair as it helps to reduce the risk of scalp infections.

4. Hair Growth

With ingredients like zinc, iron and copper, minerals that improve the renewal of hair cells, dark chocolate promotes healthy hair growth. It does this by increasing oxygen absorption and the flow of blood in the scalp, making it an ideal environment for hair growth.

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Effects of Dark Chocolate on the Skin

1. Protects Skin

Flavonols, a compound in the dark chocolate, is effective in protecting the skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays that come with from the sun. You’re probably imagining smearing it on your body. Don’t worry, it’s eaten not smeared. The chocolate prevents cases like sunburns and even skin cancer. If you plan to visit the beach or take a sunny vacay, build up a strong UV resistance before then by eating dark chocolate. This would be a good choice as you get to protect your skin while munching some sweet sweet chocolate bars, right? One study displayed the effects of dark chocolate against the sun rays with two women. Another demonstrated the increase in MED (Minimum erythemal dose) after consumption of dark chocolate.

2. Contains Antioxidants

As mentioned before, cocoa seeds from which dark chocolate is gotten has a high antioxidant activity. This is how dark chocolate has such property. It contains biological compounds such as flavanols, polyphenols, catechins etc. These compounds function as antioxidants, protecting the skin from the damage of free radicals and keeping the skin tender.

3. Nourishes Skin

With consumption of dark chocolate comes a smooth, blemish-free skin. It also evens out your complexion, giving you a glow that makes you shine. Dark chocolate helps the skin maintain its moisture ands keeps it well-nourished.

4. Detoxifies Skin

Dead cells on the skinny surface is normal and needs to be cleared out for the skin to have some freshness. Dark chocolate takes on this job, detoxifying the skin of these cells and forcing the fresh skin to get boosted.

5. Skin Glow

Sometimes stress is the reason your skin appears the way it is does. It does not help you get on your beauty game. It can even ruin more than your appearance if not put in check  Dark chocolate contains stress-relieving characteristics and reduces the stress hormones in no time. With the stress hormones reduced  it is easier to get your beauty game back on

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Effects of Dark Chocolate on Health

1. Heart Problems

Dark chocolate consists of antioxidants which are capable of avoiding or reversing the aging process. They do this with free radicals.

2. Blood Sugar

You are probably smiling at the irony of eating a substance with sugar to help balance your blood sugar levels but it’s absolutely true! There’s something called a glycemic index used to determine how much food affects the sugar levels. The good news is that the sugar in dark chocolate makes it have a low glycemic index, so it is healthy and does not cause the blood sugar to spike up. Infact, the flavanoids have a positive effect on the sugar levels.

3. Improved Eyesight

Flavanoids help improve the flow of blood to the brain. Better blood flow to the brain affects and improves the eyesight, which is what dark chocolate does.

4. Blood Pressure

Certain minerals are in charge of keeping normal the blood pressure, especially for folks whose blood pressures are not stable. Some of the minerals include :Copper and Magnesium. Dark chocolate is so rich in these minerals, this is why they are able to effect changes on the blood pressure and help maintain a stable BP.

5. Stroke

Flavanoids are a wonderful substance, we should all be thankful dark chocolate has it. Epicatechin is an example of a flavanoid. It protects against strokes in the brain. Studies reveal that for the people who who often consume dark chocolate, their nerve cells are not at risk of a stroke as much as the ones who do not. Dark chocolate contains a generous amount of epicatechin, and thus should be made use of.

It actually is unbelievable the benefits dark chocolate brings with it. It contains numerous minerals that perform several functions we should be thankful for. With all of these benefits discussed, the chocolate lovers are advised to develop a dark chocolate eating habit too, that also goes for the non-chocolate lovers. You get to eat chocolate, have a great skin, great hair and good health, that’s a rare opportunity!



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