Best Lipstick Shades For Varying Skin Colours


Same shades of lipstick would not go so well on everybody. As a result of the varying skin colours, it is only common sense that different shades would look differently on different complexions. Some people see a shade that looks good on a person, they go for it and look like disastrous clowns because they did not consider their complexions. Even if we know this, sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect lipstick shade that would go with our skin. One way to discover what kind of lipstick would look good on you is with your undertones.
So let’s talk about undertones

What are Undertones?

An undertone is simply the colour beneath your skin surface that affects your over all shade. Your undertone is important in figuring out what colour of dress, foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick looks good on you. It is what makes you try on a colour of lipstick you find on someone of same complexion and realize that it does not look as good on you. Same complexion does not necessarily translate to same undertones. Undertones are usually classified into cool, warm or neutral.
One way to know your undertone is by looking at the inside of your wrist to see the colour your veins take. If they are blue or purple, then you most likely are of the cool undertone. Green usually tends towards the warm undertone. Yellow, no colour or in–between means a neutral undertone.
Another way to find out your undertone is with the colour of your hair and eyes. Black, brown or blonde hair with green or blue  mean a cool undertone. If you have red, black or brown hair with hazel or brown eyes, then you have a warm undertone.
Also try using gold or silver. If you look gorgeous in silver, then your undertone is most likely cool. If however, you look better in gold jewellries, then your undertone is most likely warm. Dark skins usually have warm or cool undertones while light skins have more of a neutral undertone.
While looking out for a lipstick, alongside your undertone, also consider the quality of the lipstick. Certain kinds can look not-so-great even when It’s the right colour for you.

With this settled, we can go straight to the kinds of lipstick for your skin colour
Beginning with dark-skinned ladies

Lipstick Shades For Dark-skinned Ladies

For dark-skinned beauties, earthy colours are best. Still, popping colours can be fun experimenting and can equally be beautiful.

1. Copper Brown 

Copper brown lipstick

This shade looks highly attractive on dark-skinned women. You can try a variety of copper brown shades as they all blend perfectly with your complexion. The wonderful part of it all is its ability to go with any outfit, whatever the colour is.

2. Wine Shades

These shades look brilliant on dark-skinned ladies anytime. Like the merlot, berry and cabernet shades. What’s so great about these shades is that they do not make the complexion look bland. They instead make your skin colour pop, especially the berry shades that possess a blue base.

3. Red

Everybody loves red. We will always go for a red dress, a red shoe, a red hand bag because of how beautiful it is. It looks just as alluring, as a lipstick on a dark-skinned lady. Use a red lip liner to line your lips and then fill with your beautiful red lipstick. Here’s an idea – throw on a little glitter to the finish and you’re ready to win hearts. Red is a bit dramatic and makes you the centre of attraction.

4. Nude

Nude is used when you want to have the simple or formal but still hot look. It’s usually for days when you do not want loud makeup. To make it look more interesting though, try adding a little bronze to your lips as a liner, you will be astonished what this can transform you into.

Lipstick Shades For Light Skinned Ladies

1. Deep Red

Turns out red can be used by every skin colour, go red! This colour gives the light-skinned lady a bold, daring look. You can try the ones with wine or purple bases, or the pepper red ones. Whichever ones you go for, it’s completely safe and you are guaranteed to look like a goddess.

2. Pink

Pink gives off a princess–like or a royalty vibe. It is not as bold as red but not as tame as nude. This is what makes it unique. You can wear this as an everyday look without being looked at accusingly. It makes you natural but still beautiful – this effect works well with fair skin. It especially suits fair indian women.

3. Peach


A Peach lipstick is also a good colour to have on everyday effortlessly. You could, if you want, topple a little lip gloss over it to achieve a party look. Summer is the best time to have this on as it has the not-so-bold but still pretty hot look. To look even better, try this shade with a nude eye make up.

4. Orange


Orange is an outside-the-box shade worn by only the bold and fierce. It often looks good on younger girls and gives off the “playful ”vibe. If you are adventurous enough, you can try this out and see if you like it . Of course you can wipe it off if you don’t feel confident about it. To go a little farther with it, you could opt for a goth eye makeup – now that would be fierce. If you want to tone down its effect and simply appear meek and beautiful, then your eye make up could be nude. The negative part about using an orange lipstick however, is that you have to pick your outfit carefully. You don’t want to go out, looking like a rainbow. Go for less colour while dressing up.

In the end, different colours work well for different skin tones. Try experimenting with different ideas until you come up with the perfect lipstick choices. Never underestimate the power of a lipstick. This time when you shop for lipsticks,  you will be more deliberate about your choices, not just whatever you find beautiful.


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