Best Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The air


Making Your Home A Paradise Inside And Out
Certainly there’s landscaping which must take place on the outside of your property, and that of a seasonal variety. Even if you’re renting, there may be a lawn to take care of, or bushes to prune. The point is, you’ve got landscaping duties on the external premises of your home, but many don’t realize internally there are “landscaping” issues as well.

Plants can reduce the stress of your environment through odors and appearance, both of which in a positive sense can enhance your peace. Additionally, plants help purify air through their mode of respiration. They exhale oxygen and inhale C02.

Also, plants can purify the atmosphere from certain chemicals. Following we’ll explore five plants worth considering if you’re looking to either destress your home or purify its air in the most natural way.

NASA rates bamboo as one of the most air-purifying plants there are. NASA listed it at an 8.4 in terms of its effectiveness at purifying the air. Plus, it doesn’t require direct sunlight, it’s easy to grow, it looks nice, and in a pinch you can eat it.


English Ivy
English Ivy is, according to NASA, the very best possible air detoxification plant on the market today. Well, market may be a strong term—it’s a plant sourced from nature, after all. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a plant with green leaves that often have a lighter outline—you’ve probably seen it replicated synthetically as well, owing to its exceptionally aesthetic nature.

Something else to consider is that English Ivy absorbs formaldehyde, keeping the air clean of this chemical substance. It’s easy to grow, you can hang it, and it doesn’t require direct sunlight to flourish.

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Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera produces a sort of gel that’s great for helping your skin heal or soothing sunburns. Additionally, it can be used orally as a means of bodily detoxification. Aloe also helps clean the air, and will absorb varying pollutants, keeping the premises clean. These plants do require a lot of sunlight to flourish, though, so put them in the right place.

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Peace Lily
A Peace Lily looks beautiful. It’s got an aesthetically pleasing, refreshing appearance that reduces stress. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to grow, and does great in cool areas with minimal sunlight. That said, it’s good to give this plant some level of sunlight for best results. Proper diet and exercise help a person flourish, and balanced light and watering does so for plants.

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De-stressing Your Home
Check out this website for more air purifying plants to improve indoor air quality, and help you achieve the most comfortable homeostasis for your home. There are quite a few different options out there, and you may be surprised at what’s available to you. Going the biological route has distinct benefits over mechanical solutions, too.

If you can purify your home through plants, rather than an HVAC unit, not only can you save money, but you’ll have a less caustic impact on the environment. Plus, the decorative nature of such an undertaking will make your interior premises stand out from your friends and neighbors.

Not only do the right plants destress your home directly through the reduction of chemicals and the addition of aesthetically pleasing beauty to your home, but they also do this indirectly through becoming conversation pieces, and helping you feel more satisfied with the home you’ve put together.

If you haven’t considered using flora as a means of de-stressing your home before, it may be worth your while. Some plants are extremely easy to manage—like bamboo—and essentially all you’ve got to do is buy them, spritz them with water occasionally, and watch as they grow even while your home becomes more peaceful and toxin-free. 



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