Best Hair Oils For Fast Hair Growth


Does your hair loss scare you? You’ve sought several ways to make up and none has seemed to work? Worry no more, a list of hair oils have been compiled just for you.

These oils have been proven effective in not just growing your hair and remedying alopecia but in ridding the hair or breakage, brittleness and dandruff – these oils generally improve the quality of your hair.

There are folks who are quick to dismiss the theory of hair growth with hair oil as ineffective. However, there are other folks who have used these oils for the longest of times and testify to how effective they are – infact, they have their long, healthy hair to show for it.

If you still have your reservations about oiling your hair often, then chances are you don’t know it’s actually the best way to care for your hair. It’s beyond just causing your hair to shine. These oils contain important nutrients required by the hair to grow and thrive.

You probably haven’t been using a good hair oil, because good ones are packed with ingredients of high-quality that will promote hair growth, relieve itchiness and dandruff, relieves the scalp of bacterial infections and protects or slows down hair graying.

Let’s talk about what makes a good hair oil

Qualities Of An Ideal Hair Growth Oil

Promotes Faster Growth

It’s already obvious that a hair growth oil should nourish the follicles of the hair and create an environment that fosters healthy hair growth.

Stimulates Hair Regrowth

A hair oil that is good will go beyond just boosting hair growth, it will also help stimulate those follicles on the scalp that are dormant and cause them to produce fresh strands. This way, the thickeness and volume of your hair is improved.

Curbs Hair Fall

Curbing hair fall is a quality every good hair oil should possess. They should ensure from the root that the follicles and scalp are in great health.

Nourishes Follicles And Hair

It is by nourishing the hair follicles that healthy hair is produced. To maintain the health of the hair, the hair follicles will need constantly be nourished, this is a duty of a good hair growth hair oil.

Conditions Hair

A good hair growth hair oil makes sure the hair is properly hydrated to prevent issues like split ends, breakage, frizz, brittleness and a poor hair texture.

Best oils for hair growth

Castor oil

The omega-6 fatty acids in castor oil enhances hair growth. It also contains other natural compounds that are in favour of healthy hair growth.
Ricinoleic acid is an essential amino acid which is contained in castor oil, also important for constantly producing new hair strands. You could choose the Jamaican black, organic or hydrogenated castor oil

Baobab oil

The boabab oil isn’t as well known compared to the other popular oils you’re already familiar with. Still, its credibility as a hair growth stimulator is worth paying attention to. It is extremely rich in vitamins which function together working towards improving your hair’s elasticity. Some of these vitamins include A, E, D and F vitamins.

Lavender Oil

We all know lavender for its divine scent which is able to reduce tension and cause us to relax. But did you know that with its beautiful scent it is able to prevent hair loss? Stress and tension are known to be great causes of hair loss and with the reduction of stress comes the prevention of hair loss.
Beyond that, however, its oils possess antibacterial properties which is able to relieve dandruff, irritation, dryness and itchiness of the hair. You could use lavender oil to massage your scalp to improve blood circulation which in turn will result in boosted hair growth.

Horsetail Plant Oil

Horsetail oil is another unpopular oil which not only promotes stronger and healthier hair, but also healthy nails. It is also able to fix dandruff and split end issues.
To use, simply mix a few drops of the oil with one tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin) or coconut oil. Massage the oil mixture into your scalp and hair and then leave for ten to fifteen minutes. With this, blood circulation is improved in the scalp, causing the environment to become more ideal for hair growth.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a popular oil majorly used in the moisturization of the hair. But apart from its moisturizing qualities, its vitamin E content is an important factor in its hair growth function. It also possesses a high antioxidant content, a good thing for the hair and the skin. Oleic acid in the oil is able to easily penetrate the hair shaft and cause a lock in the hair’s moisture.
With olive oil, you have no need to buy costly hair conditioning products as it is highly effective in conditioning the hair, leaving it smooth and soft to touch. It is also able to fix dandruff problems as a result of its anti-inflammatory characteristic, thus causing a drastic reduction in hair fall and an improvement in hair growth.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is usually incorporated into ayurvedic preparations which is for hair growth. The oil, being antimicrobial, is able to handle bacterial and fungal infections in the scalp.
It works at its best when a hot oil treatment is used in application. Be rest assured that your scalp will be left nourished, conditioned and hair growth boosted as a result of its rich vitamin E content.

Coconut oil

This is perhaps the most popular hair oil. Coconut oil is known to boost hair health and cause hair to become conditioned, soft and shiny. Its vitamin E and antioxidant content is able to fix hair damage of any kind effectively. The oil penetrates the follicles of the hair and stimulates healthy growth while also providing moisture for dry hair. With the hair sufficiently moisturized, split ends and hair breakage become almost impossible. Several spices like curry leaves and several ayurvedic ingredients could be added to coconut oil to improve its function, causing hair to grow faster than usual.

How to Oil Your Hair Rightly

• Start by eliminating all knots and tangles by brushing the make application easy.
• Divide and part the hair info sections. Two will be good enough.
• With a spoon, take some oil into your palm and rub the palms together to distribute the oil.
• With your oily palms, gently massage the oil in a circular motion into your scalp.
• After application, leave the oil on the hair for about thirty minutes.
• Afterwards, have the hair combed gently but thoroughly from the root upwards so the oil can be spread evenly.
• You could go to bed having the oil on your hair but be sure to wash off the oil in twenty four hours.

It is important that you add oiling to your hair care routine. It is especially vital when you want your hair all grown out. Not all oils will probably work for you (except you’re strangely lucky) because everyone has got different hair kinds. Try any of these hair growth oils and find one that is completely effective for you.


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