Best Foods To Eat For a Flat Tummy


You clicked on this article because you’ve looked yourself in the mirror and wondered how sexy you would look with a flat tummy. You probably have to always suck your tummy in when you wear tight fitting clothes. It’s like the food you eat goes to your tummy and builds a tent there forever and now you’re thinking of ways to lose belly fat. In reality, you do not need to change your lifestyle completely because you want to trim down your tummy. You can work out  exerting due attention to ab workouts, but along with that, you should also make a few essential adjustments to your diet. One way you could do that is to learn what foods can help you achieve the flatter belly you desire, and consume them religiously. Generally, foods that decrease bloating and possess low calories, water, healthy fat and fresh fruit/veggies are the way to go, along with avoiding alcohol, sugar and soda. Weight loss foods do not have to be boring, you just have to get creative with them.

Some foods to eat for flat tummy include:


Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks to take as they are packed with proteins, fiber, healthy fat, magnesium and Vitamin E, which is a highly potent antioxidant. They comprise of monounsaturated fatty acids . These fatty acids are known to raise the body’s metabolism such that fat is burned faster. They also make you stay full longer than usual, that way your feeding is cut down. Your blood sugar level is stabilized with an almond, preventing the incessant cravings that would eventually lead to weight gain  An almond typically contains seven calories so if you eat ten almonds, that would be just 70 calories. To get the best results, an ounce will do the trick. To have fun eating these nuts  you could add them to your smoothies, oats or salad. It’s advised that you eat the almonds raw as it’s fats are most healthy then.


Yogurt is good for the digestive system as it embodies important probiotics which encourage the thriving of healthy bacteria in the stomach. A balanced microflora keeps the digestive system in top shape, reducing the incidence of gas and bloating which keeps the tummy looking flat. Yogurt also contains proteins and calcium. A study proved that individuals lost more weight in the belly area if they got their calcium serving from yogurt. Its high protein content makes you feel fuller, of course it would, it contains 17g of protein which is nearly thrice the protein content in an egg! Go for unsweetened yogurt, it’s healthier. About two cups a day as often as you can will have a huge effect on your weight. You can have it with your smoothie, berries, other fruits of your choice. However way you choose to have your yogurt is fine, as long as you’re indulging your taste buds and losing weight at the same time.



One of the most important protein sources are eggs. This protein-rich food possesses a tremendous amino-acid balance that makes it valuable, especially for dietitians. Eggs also contain a small amount of cholesterol and calories but are rich in healthy fats – this makes you feel fuller and keeps hunger at bay. One egg per day is ideal, except in special cases like a blood-type cholesterol that is high. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted first. Eggs are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all of which helps break down fats. You could eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, boiled, fried, scrambled or use them while baking.


Fruits are a sure bet if you want lessened belly fat. Berries, apples, bananas, cucumbers,  pawpaw, avocados, grapefruits etc are examples of fruits that should be included as part of your flat tummy diets . Berries like strawberries  raspberries, blueberries, for example contain fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals  with low calories. The fiber in berries improve digestion and makes you stay full. Apples contain fiber, antioxidants and lots of water – this helps you stay full and avoid overeating which could lead to weight gain. Bananas are full of resistant starch which contains little sugar and it’s digested slowly by the body making you stay full for longer periods of time  The resistant starch also triggers the lungs into fat-burning mode, plus,  banana prevents water retention so that bloating will hardly occur. Grapefruit is low in calories and possesses an enzyme called pectin which burns fat. Cucumbers contain over 96% of water and an antioxidant named quercetin, it can prevent bloating because of these characteristics. Avocados contain healthy fat and make for easy absorption of nutrients while pawpaws are a major source of vitamin A, E, C  folate . Pawpaw also contains papain, an enzyme that helps breakdown problem foods thereby preventing bloating.

You could have any of these fruits for breakfast. Just be sure one makes it to your meal everyday  however way – in your salad, smoothies, oatmeal etc.

Green Veggies 

Due to their low calorie content and rich nutrient content, they are perhaps the best weight loss food. Examples of vegetables include broccoli, spinach  zucchini ,cauliflower, leeks, asparagus etc. It would do you a lot of good if you would incorporate vegetables into your diet everyday, preferably as dinner as it is light. You could use them for a salad, a sandwich or even make a veggie soup. A veggie can contain as low as 20g of calories. They are also a great source of calcium which is important for work outs.


A study carried out on overweight individuals proved that subjects who were placed on a meal that was soy milk based lost more weight than those placed on a diet that was dairy based. Soybean is rich in protein, fiber and is an essential source of antioxidants which keeps you full longer than usual. You could have them roasted, use its edamame for soups or have them with a smoothie. However way, make sure you maximize the benefits of soybeans for weight loss. 

It is important to enjoy what you eat even while watching your weight and tummy. You don’t want to be dissatisfied and unhappy with your diet. Luckily, these foods can be enjoyed  Have fun trying them out and monitoring the results.

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