Benefits of the hot oil treatment


A woman’s hair is one of the most important parts of her body. That’s why some sit hours in front of the mirror trying to style their hair right. From colouring, washing, heating, detangling, blowouts and styling, we put our hair through a lot in just trying to get our desired look. Inasmuch as it is all for a good purpose, it is very important you keep your natural hair looking and feeling good and that’s why hot water treatment is the best bet for your hair. Hot oil treatments aren’t only suitable for colder months, you can use and benefit from hot oil treatment at any particular time of the year. They are good for any hair type and are like spa for your tresses. Hot oil treatment helps strengthen and prevent dry, brittle hair and also split ends.
When your hair is treated with hot oil, it helps stimulate blood flow on your scalps, thereby aiding hair growth. Hot oil treatment help deal with very common hair care and styling issues such as dandruff, frizziness, moisture, dry scalp and a host of others. Most people resort to hot oil treatment because it is a natural and the oil is lightweight. It helps reduce breakage, excessive shedding and dry scalp.
Almond oil is one of the carrier oils that are packed with protein and that helps binds to each strand to help seal and lock the moisture into your hair.
Here are some benefits of hot oil treatments and how adding them to your hair regimen can help you maintain healthy hair

Help Moisturize Dry Brittle Hair

When you pair your hot oil treatment with heat will help to bring moisture back into your hair. Cold weather is usually not suitable for your hair as it can dry out your hair. Using hot oil treatments at least every week or at most two weeks helps deposit oil back into the hair, thereby preventing dryness which is the primary cause of breakage.

Minimize Color and Styling Damage

Combining hot oil treatments with protective styling products can minimize damage from styling. All hair types are prone to cuticle damage from hot styling tools, especially fine hair. Regular conditioning is also a must for coloured hair. Hot oil treatments along with deep conditioning keep coloured hair looking vibrant.
The way your car breaks down when there is no oil is the same way your hair becomes dull and lifeless. A weekly hot oil treatment makes a big difference.

Prevents Frizz

Frizzy hair can strike at any time, be it winter or summer. Hot oil treatment can tone down or even eradicate frizzy hair without weighing down fine hair. If you have your hair coloured, you should also apply hot oil treatments to your hair every week to reduce damage to your hair.
You can either use Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and rosemary herbal oil for your hot oil treatment, or petroleum-based oils such as Vaseline if you cannot access any of the other oils.

Increases Blood Circulation to Your Scalp

Treating your hair with hot oil helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp. This in turn helps your hair grow fast. Massaging the oil into your scalp after applying it to your hair helps to boost and invigorate growth, at the same time increasing blood circulation.
Strengthens Hair and adds Shine
After doing hot oil treatments, you will begin to notice that your hair is stronger and healthier. You will also begin to notice that your hair is less dull and has amazing shine in your tresses.

Helps Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Using hot oil treatments before you shampoo your hair can get rid of already existing dandruff. Apply your preferred oil into your scalp, massage it in and let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse. It moistens your dry scalp and prevents dandruff

Helps Prevent Spilt Ends

Split ends are simply a sign of brittle hair and for those in the natural hair gang, split ends are like their worst nightmares. Hot oil treatment helps remedy this situation by sealing the ends of your hair and preventing them from drying up and splitting up by forming a protective layer around the hair shaft.

How to Apply Hot Oil Treatments

The question that has probably been running through your mind as you read this article is how you can successfully apply hot oil treatment without hurting your scalp and also how often you should apply them. How often you apply hot oil treatments is mostly a personal choice, but most people on natural hair do them weekly especially when the weather is cold

What to do

• Hit your oil up before applying it to your hair and scalp
• To do this, you have place an oil in an applicator bottle or in a bowl that is safe for heating
• Put your oil in either hot water if you are using an applicator bottle, or the microwave if you are using a bowl.
• Make sure to let the oil cool off before applying to your hair and scalp to prevent burning yourself.
• Then apply to the hair and scalp, place a shower cap over your head for about 15-20 minutes and rinse.
• You can also sit under a hooded dryer or steamer. Heat or steam will allow your hair cuticles to open up and help the oil penetrate your hair shaft which helps with moisture.
• After rinsing apply your leave-in conditioner.

When to Apply Your Hot Oil Treatment

The best time to apply hot oil treatment is after you have washed your hair. Using it on a dirty hair will not let your hair enjoy its full benefit, if you want to gain full penetration of the oil in to your scalp and hair, you must wash your hair as the oil just sits on top of your hair if it is dirty.
You can also use hot oil treatment right after you shampoo and before you deep condition your hair. Some people prefer to apply the hot oil treatment after deep conditioning, instead of before. You can use this method if you feel that your hair is really dry and you need maximum moisture.


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