Sugar Scrubs & Your Skin


We all are warned constantly to flee from sugar to avoid its perils. Doctors hammer it, dietitians ring it, parents loud it – “stop taking so much sugar!” . Yes, it is best we avoid sugar in our diets, but have you ever considered it for anything outside food, say SKIN ?  The truth is, if you knew the benefits of sugar to the skin, you would consider adding it to your skin care routine, especially if you have been going natural and organic with your skin.

What Is A Sugar Scrub?

You surely have heard of face scrubs. They are skin care products used in exfoliating layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Guess what? Sugar scrubs are a kind of face scrub too. Since you already know what’s face scrubs are, you would know that sugar scrubs are used for exfoliation, except, this time, sugar is used. Therefore, sugar scrub is exfoliating the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface with sugar to help the skin become smoothed and brighter.

What Kind Of Sugar Is Used In a Sugar Scrub? 

There’s no hard and fast rule as to kind of sugar is to be used for sugar scrubs. White sugar, brown sugar and even the natural cane sugar can all be used in making sugar scrubs  However, brown sugar is the most advisable as a result of its gentle property, great smell and how it helps muscles to relax better. Still, if you have no brown sugar, go for the kind you find, they’re all still beneficial.

How Will Sugar Scrubs Affect My Skin? 

The benefits of sugar scrubs are a lot more than you think . You wouldn’t believe how much sugar can do on your skin. Here’s just a few of them :

1. Keeps The Skin Hydrated 

If you’ve been struggling with flaky, dry skin, then this should be good news for you  Sugar scrubs helps get rid of drying and flaky skin. You see, sugar is a natural humectant – this means that it naturally attracts moisture from its surroundings. When applied onto the skin, its character comes to play and it attracts moisture onto the skin causing the skin to be hydrated.

2. Exfoliation 

Exfoliation generally means removing a layer of skin on the body. This is exactly what sugar helps to do. It is effective in scraping off layers of dead skin cells. All you need to do is simply massage the sugar scrub onto the skin to produce a friction which then causes the layer of dead cells to come off. One of the reasons sugar is effective in exfoliation is as a result of its granulated nature. Another is because of its glycolic acid content. Once exfoliation happens, you’re skin starts to glow and become more healthy looking. However, please note that exfoliating your skin leaves it vulnerable and tender. Be careful while carrying out daily activities, especially when you’re out in the sun.  Protect yourself with a sunscreen  to avoid any damages to your glowing, soft skin.

3. Freshens and Protects Skin

Sugar contains alpha-hydroxy acid – glycolic acid. They are responsible for breaking down the skin cell bonds in the body, enhancing cell turnover and leading to fresher skin. It is by reason of this acid that sugar is used for treatment of skin damaged by sun or aging skin. Oil balance in the skin is also the job of the acid as it prevents the skin from being too dry or too oily, that way you look healthy and refreshed. Some products generally contain only about  10% concentration of glycolic acid or even less most of the time. The ones that contain more have to be supervised by a professional.

4. Possesses Anti-aging Properties 

We have already seen that by reason of the glycolic acid present in sugar, aging skin can be reversed. Toxins are constantly attacking your skin, trying to gain access and get established. Sometimes they do gain access and begin to break down the skin leading to wrinkling and aging. What sugar does is prevent toxins from gaining access  i.e. it protects the skin from toxins. This way, it reverses aging and causes the skin to become younger-looking.

5. Prevents Skin Problems

The gentle abrasions by the sugar on the skin has a number of benefits. While exfoliating the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, it also unclogs the skin pores. A number of skin problems like acne, blemishes, blackheads and breakouts are as a result of clogged skin pores. A regular sugar scrub will keep the skin pores unclogged and as a consequence keep the inflammations away from you. That way  your skin is always clear and spotless, just like a baby’s.

How Do I Use a Sugar Scrub? 

It is easy to use a sugar scrub. The steps will be listed out below, go through it and be on your way to a younger-looking you!

  • It’s easier to do this while in the bathroom, you’ll easily remember it that way as a routine
  • While in the bathroom, step into the shower and stay under warm running water for close to ten minutes . This is done to soften your skin and get it prepared for exfoliation.
  • Step away from the running water or put it off to apply the sugar.
  • Take some into your palm and apply gently on your face and other parts of the body you would love to get it on.
  • While massaging, make sure your movements go in a circular motion in order to maximize its moisturizing and hydration properties. Do so for about ten minutes .
  • Allow it to settle in and melt into the skin to begin its work. While letting it settle in, you could do other things like brush your teeth or maybe shampoo and condition your hair to stall a bit.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Repeat this consistently thrice a week to maximize its benefits.
  • Don’t forget to use a good sunscreen after exfoliation  You don’t want the sun rays to damage your delicate skin.

It should be fun scrubbing your skin with sugar in the bathroom don’t you think? To get the best out of sugar scrubs, you should learn to make them with different ingredients that are complimentary in function. The next article will show you how.







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