Benefits of Mayonnaise for Your Hair


With a vast range of hair care ideas and options, it gets increasingly difficult to decide what to do on the hair. Hair products which are effective but costly are constantly being pushed into the market, but what about if you went instead for common alternative ways to get the job done while saving cost and anticipating no side effects? Mayonnaise is an example of a common ingredient especially used for natural hair care . It may come as a surprise for some, because we’re all familiar with mayonnaise only when we’re about to eat a sandwich,  prepare a salad dressing or we’re making food. Mayonnaise however, has been proven to do more than just work wonders in your tummy, it does for the hair too. If you’re looking for ingredients to get shiny hair , to help keep your curly hair beautiful or to treat your dry hair, mayonnaise is exactly what you need and you’ll see why.

Before that, let’s have some fun learning interesting facts about mayonnaise :

  • The primary ingredient for mayonnaise is egg yolk. It’s no surprise that the word ‘mayonnaise’ has its root from ‘moyeu’, an old French word which means “egg yolk”.
  • Mayonnaise has a high oil content, usually more than the body needs. So when you consume it, the unwanted oil gets released through the skin pores leaving your hair and skin oily.
  • It works like a magic wand on walls decorated by the crayons of the ever c mreative little ones.
  • Have dirty keyboards and plant leaves? Mayonnaise will wipe those dirts so clean you’ll wonder if they’re new.
  • 80 million eggs are put into a the production of mayonnaise every year!
  • Mayonnaise has one of the highest calorie contents in the world. It can be unhealthy if consumed so much
  • You could actually make mayonnaise yourself at home. But that’s story for another day.

Moving on to the real business of the day, the benefits of mayonnaise to the hair. 

1. Conditioning Treatment

Mayonnaise possesses high amino acid content and oil that nourishes the hair. As a result, it’s a good option for a conditioning your hair. It is considered one of the most effective conditioners, and what’s more? It’s natural!

2. Handles Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is not always a good sight. It’s even worse when you’re trying to style it and it just does not give way. Luckily, mayonnaise helps seal the cuticles of the hair, preventing the hair from catching the moisture of the environment. Its moisturizing and nourishing properties help carry this out, that way frizz is prevented or drastically reduced and you can easily style your curly hair and look like the queen that you are!

3. Keeps Hair pH Balanced 

As a result of the presence of vinegar in mayo, the pH of the  hair is sure to be kept balanced . If however, the pH of the hair isn’t balanced ,it works to  restore the pH balance of the hair. Vinegar also causes the hair’s youthfulness to thrive while sealing up the cuticles.

4. Combats Dandruff 

Dandruff is usually caused by the excessive production of oil. The vinegar in the mayonnaise possesses the ability to balance the oil production, thereby preventing dandruff from getting a chance to thrive. If your hair is infested with dandruff already, however, mayonnaise will soothe your scalp, clearing and unclogging  until the dandruff is gone.

5 . Helps Protect Coloured Hair

Sometimes, processed and coloured hair possess cuticles that have been damaged  are not completely sealed . With cuticles damaged and unsealed, the colour just tends to ooze uncontrolled, unlike normal cuticles. With mayonnaise, the cuticles get sealed and smoothen out.

6. Improves Hair Sheen

With dry hair comes a dullness and lack of shine. Mayonnaise is highly effective in solving this problem. When applied to the scalp, it causes the hair to recover its natural oils and shine brighter.

7. Hair Growth 

The egg yolk contained in the mayonnaise  along with the vinegar and oils help moisturize and nourish the hair. In the egg yolk, there’s an amino acid known as L-cysteine which acts as an antioxidant. It strengthens the hair shaft and causes hair growth. L-cysteine is actually a natural part of the hair make up that forms keratin. With the use of mayonnaise, its production is amplified and effectivity promoted.

8. Handles Hair Lice Problems 

The vinegar ingredient in mayonnaise is responsible for this benefit. Lice does not stand a chance as it suffocated with the application of mayonnaise onto  your hair with vinegar in it. This treatment is widely known and used as its abilities are generally trusted. 

9. Hydrates and Moisturizes Hair 

Dryness of the hair is usually caused by genetic or environmental factors . Some of these environmental factors include excessive exposure to sunlight, abuse of hair dyes, use of dryers, stretchers, curling irons etc. One of the main benefits of using a mayonnaise on the hair is its moisturizing and hydration properties which helps to fight hair dryness. The oil and egg used in the production of the mayonnaise are both rich in hydrating nutrients that will cause the hair to regain its moisture  With the moisture of hair regained, it is impossible for the hair not to shine. In the end, you get hair that is soft to touch and shines like the sun.

In conclusion, here’s how to use mayonnaise on the hair :

  • First, wash your hair. Be sure it’s dirt free and completely damp before applying the mayo.
  • Work the mayo through your hair, paying special attention to the ends.
  • Put a shower cap or a plastic bag over your head to enable the hair absorb the mayonnaise.
  • Let it sit for about thirty minutes. Rinse off the mayonnaise and wash thoroughly with shampoo.

Your hair will take on a gloss that you didn’t know existed. It is advised though, that if you plan to use the benefits of mayonnaise for your hair, it’s best you prepare a mayonnaise hair mask that is easy to make with several other ingredients that compliment those of the mayonnaise. In the end, you have a much better result. Try this out and let us know how it went for you.





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