The Wonders of Honey – Amazing Benefits of Honey

The benefits of honey

The thought of honey probably just made you salivate, I understand. Imagine if you were told honey was extremely healthy for you. You would rejoice, and the truth is  it is! The sweet, sticky , golden substance is beyond just good tasting, it also has surprising health benefits that you did or did not know about. Honey is so rich in plant compounds and is a great replacement for the unhealthy refined sugar we are so used to taking that contains empty calories  We would be better off using honey as a sweetener than going for refined sugar as it is also sweet.

A Peek Into Honey’s History 

Honey has been used by humans dating back to 8,000 years ago even though we see a cultivation of the colonies only from 2,400 BC. Honey was a tool used medicinally in the different cultures for decades. Imbalances and indigestion in the body was handled in Ayurvedic medicine using honey.

The Egyptians of old used the substance to take care of their injuries and wounds. It used to either be put into medicinal substances or simply applied onto the skin and rubbed on the affected area.

After much exploration of the health benefits of honey, alot of evidence has proven over time that the ancient people in different parts of the world with different cultures were not completely wrong to use honey medicinally as many of the benefits confirm its ancient uses.

Fun Facts About Honey

  • It used to be believed in Ancient India, that honey had the ability to protect from bad spirits.
  • It was also believed that honey was a goodluck charm for romance
  • Bees do not just produce golden brown honey, blue and green are other colors honey is produced in.
  • Honey was a form of money in Ancient Egypt.
  • Honey actually never gets bad

Now down to business, there are a host of benefits of honey, they include:

Great For The Skin

honey is great for the skin

Honey possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics that can soothe skin irritations . In addition to this, it is heavily packed with nutrients and enzymes which are effective for skin cleansing and nourishment. It has been said that it clears up acne because of its astounding anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Honey effects such a glow on the skin by hydrating it with the moisture it draws from the air. This means that honey is more than effective for skin care.

Has a Healing Effect on Burns and Wounds

effects of honey on wounds

Honey has been found to be effective in healing wounds and burns. This knowledge has been since Ancient Egypt, where it was used and confirmed effective. Honey’s healing effects have been studied by scientists. One was carried out on hemorrhoids, it was found effective in healing the said ailment. Another was carried out on diabetic foot ulcer and was successful in proving the healing property of honey. All you have to do is to smear some of it onto the affected area and leave for a while before washing off. You can do it consistently two to three times a week for better results.

Relieves Cough

Effects of honey on cough and cold

Coughs are uncomfortable and could even keep you awake at night. Kids are most susceptible to this, especially the ones with upper respiratory infections. Sometimes cough medications fail or have several side effects. The goodnews is, honey has been found to work in relieving the cough even better than some cough medications. A study confirmed it to be more effective in reducing the cough symptoms and improving the quality of sleep. So the next time you or your kid has this uncomfortable ailment, soothe with a spoonful of sweet honey. Be wary of giving this to your kid if they are below a year old, this is because it could result in a disease known as botulism, a kind of food poisoning.

Can Treat Dandruff 

Honey helps treat dandruffs

If you’re having issues with your scalp ; scanty, dry and itchy, honey could be a solution to your problem. A study carried out in 2001 found that wild honey can be a good remedy for dry, itchy and scaly scalp. It was also found that it could remedy the loss of hair. It possesses these qualities as a result of its antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. To try this out, mix the honey with a little vegetable oil and apply as a hair mask onto your hair, then leave for about twenty minutes before washing off.

Energy Boost 

Honey contains sugar such as glucose and fructose that makes it perfect as a pre-workout food. It propels you and boosts energy good enough to take you through your work out sessions. It also contains amino acids, riboflavin and vitamin B6, all of which help to breakdown fatty acids and unhealthy body cholesterol. Although it is a healthy energy source, it is imperative to keep in mind mind that it should be taken with moderation as it is still sugar.

Helps Keep The Heart Healthy 

Bowl of runny honey with honey dipper

A study was carried out on rats in which it was learned that the heart could be protected from oxidative stress by honey. Honey contains antioxidants and phenols that have the ability to reduce a risk of diseases of the heart. The sticky substance can also help increase the flow of blood to the heart by helping dilate the heart arteries. Strokes and heart attacks sometimes occur as a result of the clotting of the blood – honey helps prevent this, thereby reducing the risk of strokes and heart attack.


Because of the amazing taste of honey, it could easily replace refined sugar in meals and can even be added to almost anything edible as it is alot healthier. In choosing a brand new, go for one you can trust its quality because the ones with lower quality could be a mixture of something else.

Don’t forget to consume honey moderately as they still contain a lot of calories and sugar, it is just not as bad as the refined sugar.



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