Benefits of Hemp Oil


Hempseed oil is popularly referred to as hemp oil. It is gotten from the cold-pressing of hemp seeds. It usually is unrefined and has a green colour. The oil has been recognized and been in use for a long time as a natural remedy in the Eastern culture. It is rich in such nutrients but unfortunately very prejudiced as it is closely related to marijuana and has thus been restricted in the West. Even though the hemp oil is void of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) , the element in cannabis that makes it psychoactive, it still is a cause of concern to some. The hemp oil is however different from CBD oil (cannabidiol oil), a cannabis plant extract which also contains very insignificant levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (this was stated by a research carried out in 2017) and is produced using the leaves and flowers of hemp. They are often mistaken for each other because they’re both gotten from the cannabis plant.
The goodnews is, as education continues to prevail, the versatile health benefits of hemp oil is now seen and its demand has risen as we now see that it is completely safe. Infact, recent legal sales of cannabis products have grown to almost nine billion dollars and it is anticipated to even progress to about twenty four billion dollars in a few more years.
The health benefits of hemp oil cover the skin, the immune system, the nervous system and other extremely important systems of the body. Let’s get right on with these important benefits.

Benefits Of Hemp oil

Has anti-aging properties

The hemp oil’s anti-aging properties have been recognized for quite a while now. It has the ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines thereby slowing down the signs of aging. It is able to perform this as a result of its oleic and linoleic acid content. The body does not produce these but they have been found to be important to the health of the skin. It is even encouraged that you have those nutrients in your diet.

Excellent Nutrition for Your Brain

Essential fatty acids like DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are important requirements for proper brain development. They are also important for eye development, especially the retina. In the first year of a child’s life, it is most important and is therefore advised that pregnant mothers use hemp oil to supplement so as to provide protective eye and brain benefits of developing babies.

Supports the Immune System

Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids which maintain healthy intestinal flora. This is also important for the support of the function and response of the immune system. In the cold and flu season when the virus breaks out in schools, work places and other social interactions, everyone is susceptible and having the immune system up and doing becomes extremely important. The hemp oil is important for this purpose.

Supports Healthy Skin and Hair

The oil’s moisturization properties is often put to good use for the hair and the skin. Studies suggest that the hemp oil effectively reduces dryness, thus alleviating irritation and itching. This also means it could be used against dandruff. Moreover, it possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that protect the skin and hair from inflammation, keeps them healthy, slows down aging and soothes the skin.

Moderates oil production

As we have learned, hemp oil possesses awesome moisturizing qualities and is especially ideal for dry skin. It carries out this moisturization function without getting the pores all clogged up. Apart from this, it is also exceptionally ideal for oily skin. It is known to not only hydrate the skin but balance oil production and make sure overproduction of oil in the skin does not occur. The skin sometimes overproduces oil as a result of dryness, which could further lead to acne as a result of clogged pores caused by the overproduction. With hemp oil, dry skin is naturally remedied to without clogging pores that could lead to acne.

Application of Hemp Oil

There are two ways the hemp oil could be used /applied :
1.) Topically
2.) Orally

1.) Topical use of hemp oil

Use of hemp oil topically means applying the oil directly on to your skin. You could do this when you’ve noticed dry skin or irritated skin so that you could get some soothing fast. To ensure safe topical use of the hemp oil, it is always advised that you carry out a patch test first to make sure your skin does not react negatively to the oil.
Here’s how to carry out a patch test :
• On your upper arm, wash a small part and dry with a clean cloth.
• Take a little amount of hemp oil and apply onto the spot.
• Cover up the spot using a bandage and let it sit there for about twenty four hours. Be careful not to let the bandage come in contact with water.
• If you notice a redness or irritation , feel a burning or itching sensation, then you’re most likely sensitive to the hemp oil and should therefore not use. If on the other hand you notice nothing, then it is safe to use the oil.
• Wash the spot with water and soap after taking off the bandage

If you intend using the oil topically for your acne, here’s the procedure :
• Wash the affected area and dry with a clean cloth.
• Next apply the oil directly on the skin, massaging it carefully.
• Leave it on for a minute or two before washing off with warm water
While applying topically, you could also mix the oil with other ingredients which are soothing and anti-inflammatory. Below is a recipe to use :
• A quarter cup of hemp oil.
• Coconut oil (two teaspoons, should be melted with a heat source)
• 5 drops of essential oils good for the skin. Could be rosemary oil or lavender oil.

2.) Oral use of hemp oil

This method involves the ingestion of hemp oil. It also does provide same health and skin benefits as when used topically. An advantage of using the hemp oil orally is that there is less risk of break outs and skin irritations, it could cause digestive upsets though. Because of the risk of digestive upsets, speak with a doctor before ingestion.

When taking the hemp oil orally, two teaspoons are ideal enough. You could take them at once or take into in two doses. You could combine it with several recipes if you hate the taste of it alone. You also could mix it into dishes like soup , salad or smoothies.


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