Cucumbers : Skin, Hair and Health Benefits


Don’t you just find it weird that the cucumber is one of the few fruits that are not as tongue-tickling? See? You probably didn’t even know it’s a fruit but don’t worry  you won’t be the only one.  Apparently, a lot of people are trigger sure the cucumber is a vegetable  That’s not so wrong however, considering the way it is used in the kitchen . The cucumber is a fruit, albeit not as sugary as the other “normal” fruits. It seems the less sugary the fruit is, the more beneficial , right? The cucumber is one of the most beneficial fruits. It has tremendous effects on your skin, hair and general health. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and water. Infact, the total weight of the cucumber is 96% water! This staggering revelation is what makes the cucumber able to balance water content in the body, especially on those days when it seems the sun is going to burn the earth. This property also makes it effective in weight loss and has amazing benefits to the healthskincare and hair care. The water-filled goodness is also rich in Silica which is often found in beauty products. We’ll get right on with looking at the benefits of cucumber 

Benefits Of Cucumber To The Skin

Reduces Dark Circles 

Dark circles usually form as a result of stress, poor dieting, a health challenge or lack of sleep. Luckily, cucumber can  easily and quickly fade these dark circles around the eyes. It possesses silica and antioxidants which lighten the dark circles.  To use the cucumber’s  property,  slice the cucumber into several pieces and place one slice on each eye. Leave for about twenty minutes before rinsing off. You can can also use a cotton pad, soaked in the water from the cucumber. Place the each soaked cotton pad on each eye and leave before rinsing. You also can opt to use grated cucumber on the dark circles and rinse off after ten minutes. Keep in mind though that this is not a quick stop over every time you have dark circles. It is much more reasonable to make sure you do not have them at all bypass resting and eating healthy food.

Improves Skin Complexion 

As a result of our environment, the skin can become affected negatively an lose its lustre. Everything from pollution, to excess exposure to the sun  contribute to the dulling of the skin’s complexion. The cucumber’s hydrating and antioxidant properties can help rejuvenate the skin and bring back its shine. To use this, it is advised that you add a little quantity of lemon juice to the cucumber juice you would be using. Apply on the face and let it sit on your face for about ten minutes  Pat dry with wet towel. Do this everyday if you can keep up.

Treats Blemishes and Inflammations 

Cucumber water contains anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in handling skin inflammations and irritations. This means it could be the solution to your problem acne problems too. To use, add oats to the cucumber pulp and leave for an hour before applying to the face. Wash it off after twenty minutes with cold water. 

Helps In Anti-aging

The cucumber contains numerous ingredients that are useful for warding off wrinkles on the face. For example, caffeic acid and Vitamin C have tremendous effects on the skin, as they are antioxidants  They ward wrinkles and other skin damages off and help heal the skin. Lutein and beta-carotene are other antioxidants that help combat free radicals, thus protecting the skin from wrinkles.

Benefits of Cucumber To The Hair 

Strengthens Hair

Cucumber contains sulphur, silicon, sodium, sulphur etc. The hair needs these nutrients to grow and gain strength. You can maximize this benefit by either eating cucumbers, drinking its juice or using its juice to rinse your hair as often as possible. The result is a hair that is lustrous and strong. 

Repairs Chlorine-damaged Hair 

How would one’s s hair manage to be damaged by chlorine? Well, funfact, a swimming pool almost always has some amount of chlorine pumped into it .This means that if you love swimming, then your hair is susceptible to chlorine-damage. The good news is that with cucumbers, you do not have to worry about it. Simply mix a cucumber, an egg and a tablespoon of olive oil thoroughly in a blender and apply onto your hair. Wash off the mixture after fifteen minutes. If your hair is already damaged by chlorine, then make use of the mixture regularly.

Prevents Hair Loss 

Silicon and sulphur are two very important minerals needed for proper hair growth. They also help prevent the hair from falling. Cucumber contains these minerals and are thus effective in helping prevent hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. 

Benefits of Cucumber To The Health 

Lowers Blood Sugar 

It is known that extreme levels of blood sugar are unhealthy and could lead to diabetes,especially high blood sugar levels. Studies have been carried out by different scientists on animals with cucumbers. In all of them, high blood sugar levels were induced and cucumbers administered. Conclusively, it was found that cucumbers did have an effect on the blood sugar and helped avert complications that were associated with high blood sugar. It is therefore speculated that same results would be duplicated in humans.

Weight Loss 

Cucumber has very little calories. This means that you can eat a lot of it without taking on all the extra calories that lead to weight gain. Also, the antioxidants in cucumber aid metabolism which in turns leads to weight loss in the body. Finally, its high water content also causes weight loss. In general, foods which are low in calories and possess high water content are said to be effective in promoting weight loss .

Combats Bad Breath 

Bad breath? Yes, hard to believe but this is true  nonetheless. Aha! Your self-esteem just arose. Cucumber contains phytochemicals that combat the anaerobic bacteria found in the mouth, thus causing the foul odour to disappear. Still don’t believe? Well, seeing is believing so simply try it out yourself. Place a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth, hold it in place with your tongue for a minute. Voila! Bad breath gone!

What’s not to love about cucumber? From its health benefits, to its skin benefits and hair effect, it is indeed a useful fruit. If you are one of those that hate the taste of cucumbers, don’t worry about  You still could use it’s juice and pulp on your skin and hair. You don’t get to miss out. 



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