Beauty steps you should never skip


There are a couple of things we offhandedly do, like skimping on sunscreen, forgetting to floss after eating, not brushing before sleeping and keeping that lipstick with you for a very long time, that if we don’t cautiously avoid these steps can lead to beauty blunders and even have negative impact on our health.
You may think a swipe of moisturizer and a dab of gloss is the only beauty routine you need, but you have to up your beauty game if you want to look camera-ready at all times. Here are some skin care and make up steps you should not overlook any time any day.
The last thing anyone wants to do deal with after a long day, late night, bad decisions, questionable food and beverage choices is their skin and hair. As much as you might not want to give a rat’s ass about anything in times like this, if you set a few minutes aside for a simple beauty routine, you’ll look and feel better when you wake up.
What you need to do is simple. Try as much as you can to always remember to use a toner before an essence but after a dry oil.
Here are a couple of beauty steps you have to try as hard as you can to never skip:

Exfoliate every couple of days.

Cleansing your skin after a couple of days is a must. This is done to prevent the skin from drying out, chafing or getting irritated. Try and use a gentle cleanser daily and exfoliate after every 3 days. If you aim to save time, you can you can use an exfoliator instead of a cleanser to clean your skin and simultaneously scrub off dead skin cells. You can use an exfoliator with alpha or beta hydroxyl acid because it easily cuts through the gunk of the daily and exfoliate gently. You can also use pre-soaked toner pads from drugstore. All you need to do is open the bag and wipe your face.

Always Moisturize

Your skin needs to stay moisturized at all times. That way, it locks the moisture into your skin and gives you that dewy glowing look. Many people scare away from moisturizer because of the mindset that it involves spending a lot of money, but it’s not so. There are drugstore moisturizers that are very good. All you need to do is find the one that suits your skin type and mostly has natural ingredients.
This step can be combined with every other important skin-care tasks. For example, use a moisturizer that contains 30 SPF during the day, and then put on one with retinol at night.
By now we all know how important sunscreen is, but retinol is also pretty crucial. Retinol helps unclog pores and stimulates collagen production, helping your skin keep its elasticity. But if your skin is sensitive, you may not be able to use a retinoid nightly.
Don’t just throw your hair up.
Never forget to give your hair a quick brush right before you retire to bed whether you showered or not, and even when you do, it should not go beyond 100 strokes as it can actually damage your hair. A couple swipes are enough to distribute oils and detangle.
And don’t pull it all up into a tight ponytail either. Instead sleep in a braid as it protects strands from frizz-inducing tossing and turning. If your hair is coarse, then invest in a silk sleeping cap. If however you are looking for volume you can pull your hair into a loose top knot. When you sleep with your hair this way, it keeps pesky knots away and minimizes breakage. It also makes your morning routine very simple; you just remove the tie and shake it out.
Finally, if you want a healthy hair, you will also have to do away with frequent heat styling. Your hair grows faster and better when you don’t expose it or style it with heat. So dial down a bit to at least once or twice a week if you can.

Clean your tools.

This isn’t something that has to be done every day or night, but cleaning the things that come into contact with your skin and hair is as important as any other step on this list. That means makeup brushes, hairbrushes, and loofahs or washcloths.
For most tools, a quick wash with gentle soap and warm water every one to two weeks should do the trick (though experts recommend swapping out loofahs more regularly).
Hairbrushes also need to be cleaned to remove hair, dead skin cells, oil, and product residue, which can snag on strands and cause damage. To wash your brush, first remove any excess hair with a rat tail comb. Add a couple drops of shampoo and scrub to help remove build-up from the base and bristles. Then rinse with hot water and let the brush air dry with bristles facing down on a dry towel.

Taking Off Your Makeup at Night

There is nothing as tempting as falling on a cozy bed especially after a very long and hectic day. Whatever the case may be, make sure you never fall asleep with your makeup on. Not just because it clogs your pores (which it does), but during the day free radicals from the environment cling to your makeup. If you don’t wash your face, those radicals will break down the healthy collagen in your skin while you sleep, causing fine lines and premature signs of aging. If making it to your sink is just too much work, keep a pack of makeup removing wipes in your nightstand for a quick fix.

Throwing Away Old Products

You might not know, but your old beauty products are a breeding ground for bacteria. The general rule of thumb is to toss your mascara after three months, get rid of lipsticks after one year, and ditch your favorite lip gloss after two years.


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