Beauty Hacks with talcum powder


Talcum powder is one of the oldest beauty products. It’s been around for ages and happens to be one of the most underrated products of all times. All we’ve always known about it was its use for absorbing sweat and making you smell fresh.
As a result of our ignorance on this, we’ve spent a ton buying products for stuff that would have been solved simply with talcum powder.

However, talcum powder does a lot more than that. That way, you no longer have to keep spending a fortune on products you think you cannot do without.
We’re going to show you some of the numerous beauty hacks that you can perform with talcum powder that will possibly leave you amazed.
So are you ready to know what else your favourite talcum powder can do?
Beauty Hacks With Talcum Powder

Prevent chafing

Chafing occurs when the skin gets sore because of rubbing against stuff like skin or clothes. It occurs majorly as a result of sweat accumulation and it could sometimes be painful. You can keep the area dry by dusting with talcum powder. It will help keep your skin surface smooth, eliminate friction and pain.

Slipping on clothes easily

It could sometimes be a struggle to put your skinny jeans on, especially on hot days. The sweat causes friction that makes it difficult for the clothes to slide through. To make things easier, apply talcum powder so that it absorbs the sweat. Afterwards, you will be able to slide in easily.

Battle sweat on the go

You could easily get rid of sweaty skin by applying talcum powder. Use on your under arm area, under your breasts, behind the back of your knees and other areas where sweat easily accumulates. That way, your skin instantly feels fresh .

Keep lipstick in place

Times you know you’re going to have a pretty rough and long day, it’s important that if you’re going on makeup, you apply a light dusting of baby powder in-between your lipstick application as this will help your lipstick last longer.
You can apply one coat of lipstick, place a tissue over lips and dust baby powder around the lip area (using a powder brush). Apply a second coat of lipstick and you’re good to go.

Removing shine

This works better than most face powders in keeping down shine. It’s useful when you’re in places where your face should not shine. For example, in a photo shoot, it’s important that the shine is controlled since you will be under bright camera lights. The talcum helps absorb the perspiration on your face and reduces the shine. This is especially important when working with darker skin tones because a darker skin tone reflects more under the cameras.
Boost the volume of your lashes
By applying talcum powder to your lashes, specifically in-between coats, you improve the volume, length and thickness of the lashes. In addition, if your mascara tends to be more of a wet formula, the talcum powder will prevent it from smudging and keep the mascara in place.

Oily hair? A dash of baby powder to the rescue

You can sprinkle some powder onto your roots and comb through your hair till it blends fully.
It’s best to do this a night before though, because it can make your hair static . That way, it has enough time to set.
Plus, make sure your hair isn’t dirty, or white residue will end staying behind on your hair.

An alternative to that costly face powder

You can keep your skin from becoming shiny by apply some talcum powder lightly on your face and spreading it in evenly
Try not to apply so much, especially if you’re using baby powder as it may look chalky and make you look funny.

A substitute primer

You can use a little talcum powder on your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow. You could also do that on your face before applying your foundation. It prevents moisture from forming and helps your makeup last longer.

Make waxing less painful

Before waxing at home, apply powder to the skin. The powder absorbs any moisture on the skin, which means you won’t have to repeatedly wax the same spot.
Applying powder to the skin area also helps the wax hold onto the hairs – as opposed to your skin – making it less of a flinch-and-scream experience.

Take away that stinky shoe smell

Here you have two options: If you’re wearing closed shoes without socks such as pumps, you can pat some powder over your feet. It will prevent it from sweating and creating a nasty smell.
If it’s shoes you’ve worn with socks and the shoes now have an odour, sprinkle powder into the shoe. It will leave it smelling fresh.

Turn glossy lipstick matte

If you want a matte lipstick look without actually applying a matte lipstick, you could get one with baby powder and your glossy lipstick. Simply dab some powder over your lips and voilà!

Eyebrows on fleek – easy and quick

The obsession with perfectly sculpted eyebrows is seemingly here to stay, so here’s another way to ensure you’re trendy.
First try using a brow pencil to shape and fill in your eyebrows. Afterwards add baby powder to your brow brush and comb through your eyebrows. This will help make your brows look fuller.

Remove sand easily

If you’ve been at the beach, then chances are you have sand particles stuck in weird places. Applying talcum powder will help get rid of the pesky sand. Simply dust talcum powder and brush away the sand.

Steamy nights

Being hot and sweaty isn’t nearly as sexy as TV makes it seem. It can be difficult to get a decent sleep on nights like this . Luckily, you can dust some talcum powder between your sheets so that it helps absorb your sweat and cool things down. You could also apply onto your skin, depending on how desperate you are.

Create a DIY acne-fighting face mask.

You can mix a few drops of water with talcum powder to make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and leave for thirty minutes before washing off.

Make DIY waxes less painful.

Baby powder absorbs moisture, making it easier for wax to stick to individual hairs. This means you can do fewer rounds of wax on the same area.


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