Beauty Blender Hacks


One of the best and easiest ways to apply foundation for an impeccable finish is to get you this egg shaped ball of awesomeness. Beauty blender is a makeup sponge that has stolen the heart of makeup artists and girls alike, mostly because of its ability to seamlessly blend foundation sans streak.

However, you probably don’t know your beauty blender can do much more than just dab on face makeup. If you are reading this, you’ve come to the right place, as you will learn from testimonies of some makeup artists, how to use your beauty blender like a pro.

Cleanse your complexion

When it comes to makeup, you have to think outside the box (pun intended), especially as regards using your beauty blender. You will have to dedicate one of your beauty blenders for facial cleansing. What this means is, you will have to soak your makeup sponge with your face wash and use it to gently massage and cleanse your skin. You should do this bearing in mind that it is difficult to rinse anything sudsy from your beauty blender, except you are using beauty blender liquid blender cleanser. That being said, make sure you use this set out make up sponge solely for cleansing

 Conceal tattoos

If you have a job interview at a conservative office, and you have a tattoo that is in a visible place, and you are torn as to what to do to conceal your tats, worry not because captain beauty blender is coming to your rescue. All you need to do is use your beauty blender with your cover-up and hide your tats. Tattoo covers can take minutes when you use the large, round end of your beauty blenders. First thing you do is dip the pointed tip of your beauty blender into a color correcting concealer, use it to blur out the harsh lines of your tattoo. After that, you place an ample amount of concealer that matches your skin tone to the round side of your beauty blender and gently work it into your tattoo till it is completely covered. Finally, you deep your makeup sponge into a setting powder, apply the setting powder on the tats and leave it on for a few minutes to bake. Brush off the excess with your big powder brush and you are definitely good to go.

Apply body bronzer

The usefulness of your beauty blender is not only limited to the new, plump fresh ones. That being said, do not be too fast to toss your old beauty blender into the trash can. It can be useful for when you want to apply body bronzer. Use your older, stained raggedy beauty blender to apply body bronzer. Stipple the makeup sponge for your desired flawless, airbrushed finish.

Remove deodorant stains

Have you ever being on your way out of your house and on getting to the door, you notice you have deodorant stains on your dress?  We have all been caught up in this. What do you do at that moment? Pick your clean, damp beauty blender. It can easily get rid of the deodorant stains from your cloth in couple of minutes. Once again, captain beauty blender to the rescue!

Tap on powder

You might not know but your beauty blender is not just used to ace your foundation, you can also set your face with it. Use the flat bottom of your dry beauty blender to tap on your loose powder and use all over your face.

 Fight flaky skin

Beauty blender helps you hide the flaky skin that is peeking through your foundation with a damp beauty blender and few drops of oil. Place the drops of oil at the back of your hand and dip your makeup sponge into it, then gently massage it into any flaky area. When this is done properly, it lays the flakes flat against your skin. It is also an amazing way to get that your desired dewy glow on the high points of your face.

Fix shaky eyeliner

Truth be told, getting your much desired perfect winged eyeliner takes a lot of practice. The gag however is, you don’t have to completely redo your makeup if you mess it up while trying to do your eyeliner. While your beauty blender still has enough foundation or concealer on the pointed ends, use it to tidy up your winged eyeliner for a clean crisp edge.


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