We cannot deny that we have heard that banana has several amazing health benefits attached and so most of us can hardly do without eating bananas, that is asides their delicious taste, plus they are great for smoothies too. Banana is said to be great for combating depression, providing bodily strength, improving immunity, cure hangovers, and relieve morning sickness and all sorts of other remedies. However, when most of us consume bananas, we get to dispose of the peels without a single thought.

The banana peel can be regarded as a secret weapon when it comes to beauty care, this is because it has great potencies attached which are yet to be untapped by many of us. It is full of several nutrients which are just perfect for improving skin tone and clearing out unwanted spots. Let us take a brief look at the benefits of using banana peels on the skin.

Lightening of dark spots

Banana peels are known to be great antioxidants, they also contain huge amounts of phosphorus, these properties make it easy for the banana peel to easily clear off scars and dark spots off the skin. Simply use the banana peel to rub the area in a circular manner and wash off after a while, continual usage will provide you optimal results.

Treatment of acne

Oxidative stress is said to be one of the major causes of acne and skin inflammations. Banana peel is a renowned antioxidant, asides this, it is also rich in vitamin C, this makes it potent enough to reduce oxidative stress to its barest minimum. Simply rub the peels over the affected area to relieve the symptoms.

Combating puffy eyes

People have used cucumbers for this purpose more, try some banana peels just the way you have used cucumbers in the past and you will have the same results.

Natural skin scrub

The peel helps to scrub the skin and exfoliate it without leaving it dry. It also helps to combat the effects of free radicals, removing wrinkles and fine lines at the same time.


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