Statistics show that a major concern for several people, especially male folk is hair loss and receeding hair lines. The ironic part about hair loss is that it really does not depend on age, it could begin when the fellow is in his or her 20’s or much later. A couple of people are carefree about hair loss, accepting it as one of nature’s perks, while some really cannot wait to find a remedy for their hair loss issues.

This problem has resulted in a lot of research which have yielded several ways of solving it and growing hair again. Some of these methods like hair transplants and hair serums are quite expensive and can only be accessed by the affluent. Asides being cost intensive, they also come with their own side effects. There are less cheaper and more recommendable methods of growing the hair, you guessed right, natural methods. Like I always say, natural can hardly go wrong.

One of such methods is the banana hair mask. If you are one who is deeply concerned by your hair loss issues, you should consider this remedy, especially if you have your weekends free of activities.

Why use bananas?

Bananas contain several nutrients which are beneficial for the health and by way of relevance work magic on hair growth. Below are a few of the nutrients present in bananas and how they influence the health.

1. Vitamin B6. This nutrient is very important for strong eye sight, healthy skin and great hair. Studies show that this vitamin helps to thicken the hair and give it natural glow. It also helps to accelerate hair growth, whether when used directly on the hair or when ingested.
2. Vitamin C. This nutrient is recognized for its key role in development of collagen which is key for great skin and hair growth. It ensures optimal hair growth by ensuring that red blood cells have adequate iron to transport oxygen to the hair follicles, the root of the hair.
3. Biotin. This is another class of vitamin B, it is one that is present in most of the foods we eat, so people are hardly deficient of this nutrient. It is mostly used in hair creams, shampoos and conditioners. Research shows that it is a highly potent supplement for hair growth and scalp health.
4. Water.
5. Potassium

How to make banana hair mask

There are several recipes for the hair mask depending on what the user is inclined to, you may like the sweet smelling banana and honey concoction or the more concentrated mixture with mayonnaise. Below is a recipe for banana and honey:

1. Two overripe bananas
2. One tablespoon of coconut oil
3. A tablespoon of olive oil
4. One tablespoon of honey

To make the mixture:

1. Blend the bananas to form a uniform mix
2. Add the other ingredients and blend again
3. Massage the mixture to your scalp, ensure it covers the hair roots as much as you can.
4. Leave for five minutes and wash off with warm water.

Before using all over the hair you may want to try it on some part of it first, especially if you are prone to irritations. Make sure you stop use if you notice any abnormalities.


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