Aspirin is recognized as one of the most common over the counter drugs anywhere in the world, in fact it is one of the major components of a first aid box, one of which you find in almost every home or office environment. Aspirin is recognized to have ability to relieve pain (analgesic), cure or reduce fever (antipyretic) and ease inflammations (anti-inflammatory). No wonder it is recommended that every home should have some aspirin handy as first aid treatment.

It has also been medically proven that aspirins have the ability to prevent heart attacks, treat strokes and chest pain, among others. Studies show that when aspirin is administered shortly after a heart attack, the risk of death is minimized considerably. What several people do not know is that aspirin can be used as a skincare agent as well, and it also helps in handling a few house chores. No wonder most regard aspirin as an overachiever. Check out a few benefits of using aspirin on the skin:

Treatment of pimples and acne

Pimples and acne have a way of reducing one’s beauty and confidence, aspirin works well to reduce their effects on the skin. It does this by helping to remove oil and dead skin deposits from the skin. It also reduces inflammation. Simply crush 3 aspirin tablets and add some lemon juice to it, rub on the face and allow to dry before washing off. This should be done once everyday.

Reduces swelling from bug bites

Aspirin helps to reduce the swelling which are resultant from bug and mosquito bites. It also provides comfort by reducing the itching. Crush a few tablets and add some water to make a paste, then apply over the affected area and leave for a few hours before washing off.

Reduction of keloids

Aspirin helps to reduce the size of keloids and wipe off keloid scars due to the salicylic acid it contains. This works better for newly formed keloids. Simply dissolve about 4 tablets in some lemon juice and apply the paste to the affected area. Leave for about 20 minutes before washing off, do this twice a day for some weeks for best results.


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