Amazing Essential Oils to Combat Dry Skin  

dry skin
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   The skin is your body’s biggest Ave most expressed organ, and add such it faces the harshest treatment every day. Whether it be the climate and other environmental factors or even personal lifestyle behaviors. Having a dry skin can be a very serious problem, and one that can bring along with it a lot of burning sensation, flaking, itching and this is just to name a few, this may even affect ones general health, appearance, confidence, and even you’re self-esteem. We shall be taking you through the different types of natural essential oils, they would help in the moisturization if your skin, in this article.

Essential Natural oils

  • Apple seed oil:


The apple seed essential oil is a very good source of fatty acids, which enhances the overall appearance of the skin, and plays a crucial role in infusing softness Ave nutrition deep inside the skin. Enhancing the glossiness of the skin, it also imparts shines and strengthens the skin, and help with oil that gives the skin that rejuvenating look, which is a major reason, why various massage parlors, and spas, use it for their numerous skin therapies, it is often used also as an ingredient in the making of many facial care products, because of its skin renewing properties.

  • Amyis oil:

     The amyis essential oil is used to gain ones beautiful glowing skin, as this oil when diluted, it’s blended with vegetable oil (and used for a proper body massage) as doing this, before going to bed can help you in regaining the healthy skin you have always dreamed of having. This oil is also known to help in the regeneration of your skin, as it is a rich emollient that lubricates the skin gently. It hydrates the skin and keeps the body moisturized, it also aids the treatments of various skin disorder and injuries.

  • Jojoba oil:
combat dry skin
img jojoba oil

The jojoba oil is the most often used as a humectant for most skin care products. It is very good, and it helps to seal your skin with a protective barrier, and at the same time keeps the moisture of your skin intact. This oil is very unique, as it moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. In fact this oil is a very important ingredient for most skin moisturizers, as well as simply using it as a cleanser for your face, improves the coloration there and adds a glow to your facial skin. It is easy to absorb in the skin and is very resistant to evaporation, it slips into the skin cells and seals it against water loss (which makes our skin dry) it’s anti-inflammatory content and moisturizing properties, makes the jojoba oil very good in combating dry skin to conditions.

  • Neem oil:
combat dry skin
img neem

According to research, the neem oil is rich in many essential fatty acids, triglycerides, vitamin E and calcium, which enables the oil to seep deep into the skin, healing the cracks caused by dryness, it’s different compounds, goes further in soothing the dryness of skin and strengthens the ability to release histamine and other irritants. Fully loaded to penetrate the outer layer of your skin. It restores and creates protective barriers and prevent moisture loss, and gives the skin a well toned look, preventing any formcof crack and freckles.

  • Geranium Essential oil:

This oil is extracted from the leaves of the geranium plant, usually found in Africa. It’s strong properties of anti-inflammatory helps in calming irritated itching skins, as it is a natural astringent, it also cleans the skin and tones it without any form of dryness, it is also an antiseptic and heals wounds greatly. This oil is very purposeful as it is very ideal for soothing and nourishing dry skin.

  • Tea Tree oil:
combat dry skin
img of tea tree oil

   Melaleuca oil, popularly known as tea tree oil, is another essential oil that is most ideal for people suffering from dry skin conditions. This essential oil is being included in so many conventional skin care products we use today in drug stores, because it possesses antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal components, it softens dry and itchy skins without stress and also aids the refining of its texture.

  • Rosemary oil:
img rosemary oil

Is an essential oil ideal for the treatment of dry skin, as it has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps dry, itchy and inflamed skins by soothing and cleansing them, as it also has natural astringents which helps in skin toning without dehydrating the body, and rejuvenates the skin, saving it from toxins found in chemical induced brands.

  • Peppermint oil:

       This essential oil is generally known for its pleasant scent, however, the peppermint oil is not just recognized for it’s pleasant scent but also because it is one of the best remedies for a dry skin, as it contains menthol, which is very great for soothing dried and itchy skin and it also possesses natural astringents which won’t dehydrate one’s skin, and is suitable for almost all skin conditions.

  • Palmarosa:

    Palmarosa essential oil can help balance the creation of oil in the epidermis, and it can decrease the seriousness of acne breakouts. Because of the way it can foster the regeneration of cells and balance production of sebum, this important oil is ideal for a wide selection of skin troubles. Palmarosa essential oil is often utilized to take care of disorders of the skin like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other issues associated with the skin including extreme dryness or abscesses.

  • Chamomile oil:

This oil is well regarded for its ability to improve the skins health, fight off aging signs and provide moisturization for dry and itchy skin. Its nourishment to the skin helps in replenishing and hydrating the skin, keeping it smooth from burning irritation, extremely dry skin and itchiness.

Dry skin is a common complaint that people suffer from, but can be effectively treated with the above mentioned essential oils. To keep the skin hydrated, smooth and irritation free, one must follow this routine religiously. Knowing all of these wonderful properties, it is easy to get started with incorporating them into your routine. Because there is a selection of oils available for achieving the same or similar effects, another great thing is that you can also let your nose play a role in the decision making here. Some people prefer scents that others strongly dislike, and vice versa. If you’re looking to improve your skin care, and fight dry skin.



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