Amazing Christmas Presents Ideas for Grandma’s


   Grandma’s are pretty special people and they always seem to know just what to say and do to make their grandchildren smile. With the holidays right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to show the matriarch of your family just how awesome she is with a totally rad gift. To make it easier to find that perfect grandmother-approved gift, we’ve rounded up unique gift ideas , and put together this list of the best gifts for the best grandmothers ever, since they are always prepared with a bounty of top-notch baked goods, a warm hug when you’re feeling blue, and sound advice when you need it most. Since your grandma gives tirelessly to her grand kids and everyone else in her life all year long, it’s important to give her a Christmas present that’s just as sweet, thoughtful, and downright incredible as she is.

Whether your grandmother is a fashionista, a homebody, an at-home chef or a frequent traveler, we have the perfect gift to fit your budget this Christmas season.

     Grandma’s Christmas present ideas

  • Photo frame:

    The perfect way for Grandma to admire her beautiful family, this bronze metal family tree lets you hang photos of her loved ones right on the branches. Grandmas would also love, you and she will adore this Life Story frame featuring special photos showing her marvelous journey from child to mother to grandparent. A thoughtful and touching way to display the circle of life. Also included is an engravable plaque to commemorate your gift and honor your loved ones, you can choose how many memories to put on display. Photo collage frames let you display photos in a fun arrangement that will enhance the look of any wall. Your grandmother will cherish this Christmas gift because it’ll give her the opportunity to proudly put pictures of her grandchildren out on display.

  • Warm slippers:



“Cold feet, warm heart” doesn’t apply when it comes to your grandma. The next time she catches a chill, she can stick these lavender-infused slippers in the microwave for instant warmth. Whisper-soft slippers are infused with soothing aromatic lavender and flax seed insoles. Remove them for a quick pop in the microwave or freezer, then back into slippers to warm or cool your tootsies! A thoughtful Christmas gift to delight any grandma,   these slippers are not only super soft and comfy, but the removable insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. In wintertime, heat the insoles up in the microwave, snuggle your toes into their relaxing warmth, and breathe in the heat-enhanced scent of lavender. During the summer, cool them down in the fridge and treat your feet to some sweet heat relief.

  • Blankets & throws:

Add a soft accent to your grandma’s couch with a luxurious blanket or throw. For extra warmth during the colder holiday season, provide a thick wool blanket to cozy up with. Soft cotton throws are breathable options for year-round use that are easy to clean. Pick a blanket with a color and texture that will complement the look of her couch.

  • Hand bags:

   Find a purse for your grandma that she’ll love to show off. A bag that is light but still has all the room she needs for her everyday items is a perfect fit. Handbags with comfortable straps are easier to carry, so look a bag with a wide shoulder strap or padded handles. Whether she prefers an understated tote or a flashy designer purse, a handbag is a great accessory to flaunt her style.

  • Personalized jewelry:



Jewelry is perfect for showing off your personality or accenting a specific outfit, and personalized jewelry has its own sentimental touch. Give your grandma a fancy pendant necklace or bracelet engraved with a meaningful name or phrase, or you can choose unique beads or charms that will remind her of the time you’ve spent together. Personalized jewelry is a one of a kind Christmas gift she’ll always cherish.

  • Gardening kit:

If your grandma has a green thumb, get her a Christmas present to enhance her time spent out in her garden. A gardening stool gives her gorgeous outdoor seating to use while she prunes the bushes or relaxes with a glass of lemonade. Replace her old gardening tools with a new set of matching tools such as trowels, rakes, shears, and other items. She won’t be able to wait get out in the garden again.

  • Cardigans:

    Keep your grandmother warm during the chilly winter season with a cozy cardigan. Cardigans are ideal for a day out with the girls or a relaxing night in. Choose an option that will keep her warm and stylish this Christmas. Button-up cardigans are especially cozy options, while open cardigans provide a more casual warmth.

bottom line: nothing is to small, or too expensive for grandma’s as they tend to give their all for us, so try some of the above listed ideas out, and make her very happy.


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