To those in other parts of the world, turmeric may be a new idea but in Asia turmeric has been used for several centuries as a natural remedy and it sure has great benefits to have been in use for so long. Other parts of the world are however awakening to the wonderful abilities of the root and the awesome benefits one will get from using it as a natural remedy.

For those who have no idea, turmeric is a member of the ginger family and it is most popularly used in its powder form. Though it is most commonly appreciated for its abilities to spice up any food, it has several other properties which make it one of the most important roots of all time. Turmeric has a major ingredient known as curcumin and this ingredient is responsible for the color of the root when ground and the powerful healing abilities it possesses.

Some properties of turmeric which are beneficial to man include:


This is arguably the most studied property of turmeric and it has been known to bring relief to several issues caused by inflammation like allergies, heart disease, obesity, skin problems, etc. Turmeric helps to sufficiently reduce inflammation in the body and restore the body to normalcy.

Supports digestion

It helps to facilitate the production of bile in the liver and also the gall bladder, this bile is released into the digestive tract and helps to make digestion a smooth process.

Joint support

As part of the anti-inflammation properties, turmeric works on the joints by providing necessary support. This is most noticed in those experiencing arthritis as it eases the pain drastically.

Makes the heart healthy

Turmeric helps to reduce cholesterol levels, thin the blood going to the heart and also avoid abnormal clotting of the blood. It also helps to keep the blood vessels healthy and avoid damage to them.


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