All You Need To Know About Skipping


Everybody has childhood memories of lots of games they played as kids. Some would probably giggle at the memory. Skipping was undoubtedly a favourite game for most of us. Funny how we all could load ourselves with doughnuts and cakes and still not worry about gaining weight. Somehow playing burned all the fat.

You probably did not know, but skipping was one of fastest and easiest ways we were able to burn fat effortlessly, along with the races and jumps.

Unfortunately, as grown ups, our jump ropes are lost somewhere in the basement or backyard. This shouldn’t be so as skipping has huge effects on our overall fitness. It’s so much better as it can be done anywhere and is much easier than lots of other weight loss exercises.

Below, you will see the benefits of skipping and hopefully it will spur you to go find your skipping rope or better still, get a new one.

What Skipping Will Do To Your Body

Improves Heart Rate

Skipping has got to be one of the best cardio exercises. Its effects on the cardiovascular health makes it an ideal work out exercise. Your heart function is enhanced, causing its efficience to “shoot up “. With your heart function improved, the risk of heart disease is drastically lowered.

Burns Calories

Skipping is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and shed a few pounds. It is estimated that 1,300 calories can be burned in just an hour of skipping rope. Imagine skipping more than once a day. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. You could shed more than one pound in a week. This is probably more than you would lose running or performing any other exercise. While doing this, also keep in mind that your diet plays a huge role in your weight loss. You don’t want to shed a few pounds and pick them up again in your diet.

Help Improve cognitive function

Skipping is able to boost your cognitive function because while you skip, you learn fresh motor patterns. This improves the communication that happens between the nervous system and the brain, muscles of the lower leg and the wrists. As a result of these improvements, your cognitive function is enhanced.

Helps Attain Balance, Coordination and Agility

Did you know that jump ropes are incorporated into the training routine of boxers, athletes, tennis players and martial artists? Even celebrities have been known to incorporate jump ropes in their routines as functional movements, agility, balance and coordination are gained from the exercise.

Skipping is a Full Body Workout

While skipping, all parts of your body are involved in one way or the other. This is why it’s called a full body workout. Your abdominal area, your shoulders, arms and lower body are all in motion. With this, your body posture is also checked, making sure your body doesn’t stoop.
You could spice up your skip sessions by skipping with one leg, running while skipping, jumping really high or passing the skipping rope under your feet two times before you land (this could be tricky). All of these will make your skipping session much more fun.

Improves lower leg muscles

With jumping ropes, you lower leg muscles improve in resiliency and elasticity. As a result, you’re exposed to less risk of injuries in your lower leg. Your calf muscles for example, are strengthened with jump ropes and your tendon elasticity is improved. Try not to let the muscle tissue to become so tight as this could cause injuries.
If you want to improve the elasticity of your lower leg, then while skipping, try landing on the area close to your toes before completely letting your heels touch the ground.

Basic Things To Follow While Doing Skipping Exercises

• You need a high-quality skipping rope. You don’t want to have the rope break and hurt you while you’re skipping. Plus, skipping ropes aren’t expensive, you could easily get one.
• You could either skip barefoot or with footwears. It is advisable that you skip barefoot though as it has several benefits like curing lots of foot issues and strengthening the foot. For most people, it’s really easy to skip without foot wears. However, for others, it might not be so easy. It’s not compulsory to skip barefoot anyway. So if you feel a discomfort or a pain while skipping without a footwear, then have one on. Be sure you have the appropriate foot wear on. Trainers are the most ideal, but any other footwear will do as long as it’s a sports shoe and is able to absorb shock.
• It is important that you have a good sports bra while skipping. You see, a lot of breast movement happens while you’re skipping. Without a good sports bra (high impact), the muscles of your breast may that and sag.
• The floor on which you’ll be skipping matters a great deal. Avoid skipping on stone, asphalt or carpeted floors as you could get hurt. Skip instead on surfaces that can absorb shock like wooden surfaces or other surfaces youre sure you wouldn’t trip over.
• You will also need an open area where you can skip. This means no people, no stones or other objects lying around carelessly as you could get hurt or hurt others. The ceilings of wherever you’ll be using to skip should be high too. It’s much more preferable that you skip under an open sky instead.
• Surely you don’t expect to simply get a rope and begin to skip. Since skipping is an exercise of high-intensity, it is extremely important that you start with warm-up exercises. Stretches should be a necessary part of your routine warm-ups. Jogging is also a good way to warm the body up for the intense aerobics that will follow.
• Skipping could be practiced by people on different lanes of fitness from the beginners to the intermediates and the advanced. It is important to note that beyond burning calories, skipping is good for improving endurance and body conditioning. Therefore, begin gradually and monitor your progress. Don’t exert so much pressure on yourself.


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