Honey, what exactly is honey? We all know honey to be that sweet, sticky, edible liquid produced by bees. Well, if that is your definition of honey, you are not far from the truth, it is made by honeybees from the nectar of flowering plants, it is thick, sticky and very sweet. What you might not know is there are several types of natural honey, some include alfalfa, clover, tupelo and wildflower, in all there are over three hundred types of natural honey.

How it is made

To make a single pound of honey, it will take 60,000 bees a collective effort of traveling to and fro over 55,000 miles visiting 2 million flowers before they can gather enough nectar for the process. When the nectar is gathered it is stored in the secondary stomach of the bee where enzymes digest it partially. It is then transferred to another bee for the same process, this continues until the nectar is sufficiently digested and deposited in the honeycomb. The deposited honey is fanned by the wings of the bees till it loses enough moisture and becomes thickened enough for human consumption.

Important health benefits of honey

Honey is definitely very sweet and is regarded as the best natural sweetener available on earth. Putting the sweetening abilities aside, honey is a very important natural remedy. It is known to possess the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as contain antioxidants that help to diseases. Honey is also known to help solve digestive problems and also provide energy to the body. In times past it was used in dressing wounds and as ointment in curing skin irritation and inflammations. It is also known to help treat allergies but it is advised not to be given to children less than the age of one.

Honey consumption

Honey possesses great health benefits as we have seen above but you should know that excessive consumption is also harmful for the body. Due to the amount of fructose present in honey, you could become insulin resistant when honey consumption becomes too high.


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