A few things about your breasts you should know


There are two classes of women ; the ones that know their breasts pretty well and the ones that don’t. The ones who know their breasts well know their bra sizes, the way they would look in a kind of dress and what they like feel every time.
This class of women are almost obsessed with their breasts, they adore it.
Still, there are lots of stuff they most likely would not know about their boobs. It’s one of the most delicate tissues in the body and as such should be handled with care. If not handled delicately, future problems are likely to arise.
This article has been written to let you in on some information we think you could use. Read on to get as much information as possible.


Most of the time, the lumps you feel are not cancerous

As a matter of fact, eighty percent of lumps that undergo a biopsy are often not cancerous. If you feel a lump, don’t panic, it’s most likely not cancerous. The most it is would often be a cyst.
You can ignore them, they usually go away after sometime. It’s safer to see a doctor for examination anyway.

Most Women do not know their bra size

The percentage of women who have no idea what their bra size is outweighs the percentage of women who do know their bra size, we’re talking eighty-five percent. Wearing the right underwear does a lot to improve your appearance – it will improve your posture, ease pain in your neck, shoulders and back. You should learn to get rid of a bra that is now worn out or is no longer your size. You’ll probably have to get measured if you don’t know your size. To know a bra that’s a proper fit, your boobs fit snugly, they don’t bulge over the cup, the band at the back is snug and does not ride up.

Different conditions make our breast size change

Our breast size changes as a result of different conditions – it could be period, breastfeeding, pregnancy, menopause, birth control pill.

Gravity will not do your breasts much good

It’s normal for the breasts to lose their youthful perks with time. Gravity is one of the factors that have an effect on the breasts with regards to the “perkiness “ of your breasts. No amount of exercising can entirely prevent this from happening so you could decide to embrace this natural change or go for a surgery.

Breasts only fully mature in pregnancy

Even though your breasts begin to develop at puberty, they are not considered mature. Yes, your breasts aren’t mature until pregnancy. Your breasts are only considered mature after pregnancy

A few things to look out for (red lights)

Always watch out for these things in your breasts. They are red lights that could be a sign something is wrong. They include : Change in shape of your breasts, a strange pain that refuses to go, dimpling of the skin, redness, swelling or warmth, lump or thickening of the breasts, itchy rashes or scaly sores on the nipples.
If you notice any of these with your breasts, it may be a good time to see your physician.

Anyone can get a breast cancer, as long as you have a breast tissue
This means that men too could be victims of breast cancer. Although rare, it’s not impossible. Transgender women are also at risk of developing breast cancer. The hormone responsible for the increased risk of breast cancer is oestrogen.

Best time of month to do a breast check

According to doctors, it’s best to examine your breasts by yourself every four days, when your breasts aren’t so lumpy. Lumps often occur as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Women who have gone through menopause should examine their breasts same day every month.

It’s not entirely unusual for your boobs to hurt sometimes

If your boobs hurt often, chill, it doesn’t mean you have breast cancer yet . It could simply be that your hormones are fluctuating or your bra isn’t fitting. It could also be associated with your caffeine intake. Check how you carry your purse, it could be a muscular pain from the strain. Still, it’s probably safer you check with a doctor, just incase.

Dark nipple discharge

Dark nipple discharge occurs as result of duct ectasia of breast. Some other women experience a greyish or greenish discharge from their breasts. This is benign, however, although people undergo surgery to get rid of the duct. If you notice is bloody discharge, this is in no way normal and should be checked immediately.

Inverted nipples

There’s nothing abnormal about having nipples that look inverted. Many women have nipples that are that way and they’ll sometimes simply pop out with pregnancy, stimulation of warmth. A lot of times though, they’re inverted. However, if you’ve always had nipples that sticks out all of a sudden and then gets inverted, you should check it out.

Breasts come in different shapes

When you see a breast that looks different from yours, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with yours, breasts have different shapes. Some sit high, some go low. We understand you’ve probably had it as a concern because your breasts don’t look like all the ones on social media platforms or the ones in porn . There is no stipulated shape or size for the breasts. So, if your breasts have always been the way they are, then there’s nothing to worry about. If, however, you notice a sudden change in shape or size, then the right thing to do would be to check it out.

Weight loss can shrink your breasts

One of the first places you’ll notice a reduction in size is in your breasts, when you start editing or working out. This could be a nightmare for women who want to keep their perky breasts and just lose some fat in their face or tummy. There are other women who are glad about it as they see large breasts as a source of discomfort. This means, if you want to reduce the size of your breasts, an effective way to go about it is by losing weight.


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