Skin care habits for amazing, healthy skin!


We all know that one lady that just makes our eyes go green with her beautiful skin. Every time you bump into her and see her face, you wonder what it is she’s getting right that you’re getting wrong. Or maybe you just stay as a hater and conclude she uses magic.
The truth is, the people with the most flawless skin have the simplest skin care routine, you’d be surprised! She may not be using expensive skin care products at all.
Here’s what you should know : if she can have flawless skin, then so can you.
Routines do so much for the skin, even though they may be boring. It’s like a new phone. If you religiously handle it with care and take care of it while it’s new, it will stay that way for the longest of time. When mishandled however, it reacts by crashing and looking raggedy eventually. That’s how the skin works.
If you want to have the beautiful skin you dream of, you’ll have to learn a few of these simple routines and start practising them. So here are some of the habits the girl with beautiful skin has :

She drinks the right liquids

Taking the right beverages will do a lot for you. Chlorophyll, for example, is a good way to start your morning. It hydrates your skin, brightens it and oxygenates it. Plus, it is good for cellulite and stimulates the lymphatic system which drains puffiness. If a chlorophyll beverage is not for you, then you can go for supplements. These you’ll find in health stores or food stores.
Apart from chlorophyll, simply drinking juices made with lots of veggies will work magic on your skin as it will de-puff and oxygenate too.
Taking alcohol and soda is not a good idea, they dehydrate the body, including the skin, doing more harm than good.

She maintains a healthy diet

Naturally, the skin is able to retain moisture as a result of its omega-3 fatty acid content. It’s ideal to take in foods rich in omega-3 fats like walnuts or flax seeds so that the skin improves in its ability to hold in moisture. Also, your foods should be rich in fruits and veggies which contain lots of water and antioxidants. Foods with high glycemic indexes should be avoided or taken in little quantities.
She doesn’t use too many products
It’s not healthy for the skin if you keep hopping from product to product simultaneously. It could be harsh on the skin and eventually lead to clogged pores and breakouts.
She sees a dermatologist often
Regularly seeing a dermatologist will help him track the changes in your skin so that your routine can be adjusted when and where necessary.
If you have not seen a dermatologist, we advise you book an appointment with a good one as soon as you can. It’s always a great habit to have an expert monitoring your skin.

She exfoliates regularly

When you exfoliate, you get rid of dead skin cells that may have accumulated with time. As much as you’re advised to exfoliate often, not everyone needs an exfoliation everyday. It’s therefore important to pay attention to how often your skin appears dull and then find a good product or speak with your dermatologist. You could also try organic products or natural homemade methods.

She washes it well

Duh, right? Of course everyone knows to wash their face, but does everyone knows how to wash their face well? There are certain things you may be doing while washing your face that is completely wrong. For example, using hot water to wash you face will only make your face dry out and irritate your skin. Also, while washing, do well to remain gentle on your skin, avoid scrubbing hard on your skin to prevent damage. In drying your skin after washing, do not use your body towel and do not rub your skin vigorously – pat dry instead. For more tips on washing the face, check out how you may be washing your skin all wrong.

Use Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from sun damage is a great way to keeping it healthy. Use a moisturizer with a high SPF. Over time, constant exposure to the sun may increase your risk of early skin aging or skin cancer. Apply an SPF moisturizer on your face in the morning before leaving, and touch up with a sunscreen that is broad spectrum on areas that are exposed and not moisturized.

She always moisturizes

Moisturizer prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it protected from harsh weather. It has also been found to help slow down premature aging. If you especially struggle with dry skin, it’s important to use a moisturizer everyday and according to directions.

She only goes for skin products that are suitable for her skin type

Most skin products meant for skin ailments are prescribed. This is why it is important to see you dermatologist, so he speaks with you about which is suitable for your skin type and which isn’t.
Generally, we suggest speaking with the dermatologist before purchasing any skin care products.

She never squeezes her pimples

Leave your pimples alone. Your hands should never even be on your face in the first place. Squeezing your pimples could cause the infection to spread, cause hyperpigmentation and scarring. Stick with using a face mask or an acne product for your pimples.

She cleans her makeup brushes regularly

Cleaning your make up brushes often is a good way to uphold your hygiene, and is important for your face. Your concealer brushes and foundation brushes should be washed at least once a week. For the brushes used around the eyes, twice a month is ideal. Any other brushes should be washed every month.
To wash your make up brushes, wet the bristles of the brush using lukewarm water. Then put a drop of your shampoo on your palm and have the bristles collect the shampoo. Massage the bristles a bit and then rinse off. Do not get water on the metal part of the brushes so that the glue doesn’t wear off and cause the bristles to fall off.

She sleeps well

Apart from getting at least eight hours sleep and sleeping uninterrupted, one more way to sleep well is using clean beddings. Your pillowcases and bedsheets should always be clean. Silk is a good idea for your pillowcase as it prevents wrinkling and creasing. It’s also easier on the hair and prevents it from tangling and breaking off.


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