7 Things To Do To Get Flawless Skin

Flawless skin can be your reality

Flawless Skin, the one thing everyone wants but thinks is too difficult to achieve. Is that even possible? When you see people with perfect skin, you wonder where you went wrong. You start to think it’s her expensive cream, or some secret formula she’s not telling anybody (or she’s probably just a witch, whatever makes you feel better). Most of the time, her secret might just be a combination of simple habits that you have overlooked. These habits have been compiled for you to go through and realize where you fall short. Don’t stop there, if you’re so jealous of someone else’s skin, then be motivated to get flawless skin too . If you will be faithful with these habits, in no time, you would become jealous of yourself too. You don’t have to get intensive skin care, you just need the right habits.

1. Never Go To Bed With Make Up On

Sometimes you come home late from work or an event and all you want to do is hit the sheets. Your skin, however, needs to “breathe “. This means going to bed with make up on is a big no no. Make up clogs your skin pores and this is not healthy. In the long run, you could start getting blemishes or spots. You can get a make up remover, they are sold in the market. Although, there is an alternative to make up removers – olive oil. You can pour some olive oil on a bit of cotton wool and massage gently onto your face. This method is as effective as make up removers in getting rid of dirt and make up. You could also invest in face wipes if any of the above methods are unfavorable for you.

2. Take The Right Liquids

NYC skincare facialist says that the right drinks can have a huge effect on your skin. Drinking chlorophyll, for example, helps to keep your skin hydrated and oxygenated. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn helps to de-puff. There are supplements of chlorophyll if you are not comfortable taking it as a drink. Generally, juices with vegetables mixed into them are a great choice for the skin as they are effective in stimulating the lymphatic system and de-puffing while also keeping the skin oxygenated. Apart from the veggie drinks, water is a powerful liquid with an unbelievable effect on the skin. You will often see signs of dehydration on the skin, this shows the importance of water. Take a lot of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. Fruits and vegetables are also a good way to keep the skin hydrated because of their water content. Fruits with higher water content include watermelon (especially), orange, grapefruits and strawberry. Rose water is another liquid that also keeps the skin hydrated, keeps the pH balance and de-puffs the eye.

3. Get Good Sleep

A good sleep is a necessity both for your health and the health of your skin. Not getting enough sleep can cause your skin to sag and cause you to begin to develop eye bags. Remember to wash your face and apply a moisturizer before bed. While washing your face, avoid hot water as it generally has a drying effect and does not leave the face out. Clean pillowcases, preferably silk, are also beneficial to the skin. They prevent wrinkles and creasing of the skin.

4. Eat Right

Certain nutrients do wonders on the skin. Be intentional about your feeding and watch what you eat. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and Vitamins are essential foods that enrich the skin. Cut down on the fat and sugar while taking lots of Vitamin C. This makes sure the insulin levels are kept low and the cells are balanced. Avoid spicy foods, lots of salt and fried food. Foods like walnuts and flax seed boost the omega-3 that in turn improves the moisture-retaining ability of the skin. Foods that contain a high glycemic index should be taken in little quantities.

5. Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

You will not have the skin of your dreams if you do not learn to keep your hands away from your face. Your hands are the fastest vehicles of dirt and bacteria and if placed on the face, can cause inflammations and breakouts. The urge to pop a pimple is also normal. Popping up a pimple, however, can cause more damage. It could lead to scarring, swelling, redness and even more pimples. If you feel a pimple, use rose water to clean the spot and then put a cold tea bag (green tea, preferably) on the same spot for ten minutes. Letting your hands have a lot of contact with the face can also increase wrinkles on the face.

6. Avoid Getting Exposed to the Sun So Much

Studies show that daily exposure to sun rays have a negative effect on the skin. The UVB and UVA rays contribute to premature wrinkling, aging and a host of other skin problems. This implies that we should always be protected, with sunglasses or sunscreen. Use sunscreens with high SPF and be sure to reapply every 2 hours. Avoid acnegenic and comedogenic products, they can block your pores. You don’t want to end up creating another problem while trying to solve one. Check the labels for ‘nonacnegenic ‘ or ‘noncomedogenic ‘. While trying to protect your skin from the sun, do well to avoid fireplaces or very hot environments. They can cause huge damage to the skin.

7. Clean Your Make up Brushes Regularly

Take out a day every week or two to wash your make up brushes. Keeping them unwashed for long can lead to skin infections and clog your skin pores. To wash the brushes, wet them and rub some shampoo from your hand onto the bristles. Rinse afterwards and dry.

One more thing, Smile! Studies reveal the effect of a smile on the skin and the facial muscles. If any of these habits are not found in your routine, then it is time to make adjustments. The health of your skin is as important as anything else.


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