5 Acidic Foods You Should Cut Down on


The acidity and alkalinity of the body is ever changing as a result of several factors. One of such factors is food. What we eat has a huge impact on the alkalinity or acidity of the blood. This is because food too can be acidic or alkaline. This can be measured using a pH scale. Highly acidic foods are foods whose residue will cause the blood to become more acidic and alkaline foods will cause the blood to become alkaline.
Most of the foods we consume today are acidic, some highly acidic. Usually, we would need a 1:4 combination of both acid and alkaline respectively to keep the pH balanced. However, what we see together is the opposite. The scale has been flipped and we find that instead of a 1 for the acidic and 4 for alkaline, we have a 1 for alkaline and 4 for acidic. That’s 80% acid and 20% alkaline. This is an extremely scary predicament.

Side Effects and Dangers of Acidic Foods

Lower Bone Density

According to studies, an acidic food could lead to a spike in the loss of calcium through urine. As a result, the bone density experiences a decline and bone diseases could surface. One study, in which different participants were given either acidic or alkaline meals showed that participants who took acidic meals had more calcium excreted through the urine.

Aggravates Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux is another name for acid reflux. It typically occurs when stomach acid flows into the gullet. Certain symptoms accompany acid reflux, some of them include chest pain and heart burn. Usually, when stomach acid attempts to flow into the gullet, its sphincters are closed, preventing this acid from getting in. With acidic meals however, the sphincters are weakened and stomach acid gains freedom to flow. Foods like alcohol, high-fat foods and caffeinated drinks trigger acid reflux. Alkaline foods on the other hand, helps decrease reflux and balances the pH.

Can Cause Kidney Stones

The pH of the urine is largely affected by foods we eat. More acidic foods causes the pH of the urine to B acidic while alkaline foods cause the urine’s pH to take on an alkaline pH. It is unhealthy to have an acidic urine because it exposes you to cystine kidney stones formed from mineral deposits.

Cause Chronic Pain

Certain parts of the body could be inflamed as a result of acidic foods. This inflammation could lead to severe pains. You will also notice symptoms like headaches, chronic back pains and muscle spasms.

Alter Hormone Levels

Acidic body pH could reduce growth hormone levels. This could sometimes lead to stunted growth.

Acidic Foods You Should Cut Down On


Sadly, coffee is acidic, sorry. The beverage is literally an adrenal stressor and a liver suppressor. You could say decaf coffee is healthier, but the truth is, it’s still highly acidic and still has caffeine.
It’s understandable, the difficulty you might face having to give coffee up, especially if you’re an addict. But if you put your heart to it, you actually can let it go. All you have to do to make it easier is replace with a different drink, say herbal tea. If you normally would take two cups of coffee, you could start by taking just one cup and then having one cup of herbal tea. Keep doing that till you can reduce a cup of coffee to half a cup and then no coffee at all.

Ice Cream

Ice-cream not only contains a huge dose of sugar (16 grams per serving), it also is produced from cow’s milk which is acidic. It also contains high amounts of saturated fat which is unhealthy, infact it has the potential to cause conplications and eventually lead to death. Another disaster in the ice cream is its high dosage of hydrogenated oils and fructose corn syrup. It’s much better to replace it with a smoothie or a yoghurt instead, as those are much healthier.


I think we all saw this one coming. There has never been anything good about soda drinks. Infact, it should have been number one on our list of acidic foods. It is one of the greatest high fructose corn syrup sources in the world. This corn syrup is replete with calories which are totally unhealthy. Phosphoric acid is another “evil”content found in the soda. It is extremely corrosive. The soda is even more scary because thanks to its high fructose corn syrup content, you could easily become addicted. Once you’re addicted, you’re literally taking the corn syrup all the time, every day of the week. The health issues that result from this are numerous. Obesity, insulin resistance (which leads to diabetes), and liver problems are some of the health conplications that could arise.
Soda also has a high unhealthy omega 6 fatty acids. This causes the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio to spike. The usual ratio is 1:1, 4:1 is the highest normal ratio. But with the high omega 6 intake, these ratios have gone to 25:1 in close to half the population. This has certain dangerous effects on the brain.


Sugar is your enemy. It is in a serious relationship with cancer, diabetes, fatigue, obesity, brain fog and heart diseases – issues you don’t want coming close to you. You should therefore stay away from refined sugar or at least reduce your intake. Sugar has been proven to be eight times more addicting than cocaine. It also has a bad character of mimicing the nutrients you’re deficient in. This is why your body craves twenty four hours a day, seven days a week when what it’s really crying out for is the nutrients you lack. Your blood sugar could also become imbalanced, usually tending towards the higher scale. We take refined sugar in a lot of processed food like bread, candy, SODA, pastries etc
If you love sweet stuff, you’re better of eating natural sweet stuff like bananas, sweet potatoes, strawberries etc There’s also honey and maple syrup to the rescue.


Alcohol is another food that is highly acidifying. Usually after it is metabolized, it robs your body of magnesium and other alkalizing minerals.
It could also exacerbate stomach aches, especially in people with high sensitivity to highly acidic foods.


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