It is really not new to hear several complain that they have great business ideas but they have a challenge of funding. To be sincere it can be really frustrating especially when you know that your idea is a definite money spinner. Mostly in starting a business and growing the idea to becoming a brand to be reckoned with, we will have to adhere to a very tight budget.

Here is a fact, you can actually start a business on little or no money, especially when you have the right idea, work ethic, combination of skills and marketing strategy. In starting a business it is advisable to push out your strong points that you are sure will benefit others and they will in turn pay for.

Here are a few tips on starting a business without money:

Produce something

You may be wondering, producing will definitely require raw materials and raw materials sure cost money. You are not far from the truth, but you should know that depending on what you want to produce you find raw materials around and develop them into a fast selling product which will produce more money than you imagined.


If you feel you cannot produce, you can be a reseller. The great thing with resale and technology is that you do not really need to buy to resell, you can simply grow a simple website or place ads online. When orders are made you get a cut and you have just started your business.

Offer services

Think up something you are really good at and begin to offer such services to the public at a small fee. Gradually your client base will grow, so will your income too.


This is exchange of goods for goods or services for goods. Someone needs what you have and you need what they have to grow your business, find such avenues, they will help you grow the business pretty fast.

Use low cost services

Take advantage of the internet, there are several ways you can sell your skills for almost free, seek them out and use them to publicize your work. You can be sure to begin to get clients soonest.


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