Home remedies for acne


We all want the Priyanka kind of skin, smooth and lush. Unfortunately, sometimes our skin won’t budge. It’s like the epidermis is being stubborn on purpose – especially when we’re trying to get rid of our acne. But hey, maybe you should not be too hard on the epidermis.
The epidermis is responsible for protection against viruses and bacteria. It also helps you stay cool in the heat and warm in cold temperatures. It tells you when something’s wrong in your body with signs like rashes, eczema, sores, bruises, acne, dry skin, moles, psoriasis, etc.
Sometimes, we’re in a haste to purchase products filled with chemicals we are not familiar with. Sometimes though, those products may be part of the problem too.
Fortunately, we have compiled a list of natural, side-effect free face masks you can make with common ingredients in your kitchen cabinet or your refrigerator.
These masks have been tried and found to be effective. What’s better? They don’t stop at just getting rid of acne, they may have lots of other benefits your skin will be grateful for.

DIY Acne Face Masks

Coconut oil and Oatmeal

Coconut oil is one of the best choices for getting rid of acne as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties . When you add the pH balancing and soothing power of oatmeal, then you have a recipe that is great for the skin


• Warm water
• Oatmeal
• Coconut oil
• In a bowl, pour three tablespoons of oatmeal.
• Add a quarter cup of warm water and mix until you have a paste
• Next, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and continue mixing again
• Wash your face and neck using warm water and a face cleanser that is oil-free. This is done to get your pores open.
• After that is done, apply the mixture and leave for fifteen minutes.
• After you have waited fifteen minutes, start massaging your skin in a circular motion for two minutes. This is to get rid of dead skin cells so that the pores can be completely open.
• Rinse your face using lukewarm or cool water, whichever is comfortable enough for you.
• Using a clean towel (be sure it’s a towel separate from your bath towel), pat dry the face softly.
• Say goodbye to acne!

Honey, Milk and, and Oats

Honey is a substance rich in nutrients, used widely for the skin. It is a natural humectant, as such, it is able to retain moisture in the skin. This prevents the excess production of oil that precedes acne.
Oats contain properties ideal to keep the skin healthy and acne-free.
Milk contains lactic acid which is useful in tightening the skin.
We understand it looks like a great breakfast, feel free to water, but ultimately, make sure you do not end up eating up your face mask.


• Dried oats
• Honey
• Whole milk
• Pour three tablespoons of dried oats in a blender.
• Add a tablespoon of milk and mix them up in the blender until you have a paste.
• Add organic honey to the paste (a tablespoon).
• Get your face and neck washed with warm water and a face cleaner that is oil-free for your makeup. This is done to open sores.
• Take the mixture out of the blender and apply on your face
• Let it stay on your skin for fifteen minutes
• After fifteen minutes, rinse the mask with warm water and splash afterwards with cold water to close your skin pores.
• Pat dry your skin with a clean and soft towel

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used for a lot of purposes. For example, it has cleaning properties and whitening properties for the skin and the teeth.
It’s a natural exfoliant effective for those who have sensitive skin and it helps balance the pH levels of the skin.
It can also help keep your skin’s pH levels balanced, which is an important factor in the fight against acne.


• Baking soda
• Coconut oil
• In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of baking soda.
• Stir the mixture until you have a smooth paste
• You can add more baking soda if you feel you need to, one pinch at a time until you get the consistency you want.
• Make sure your face is clean and makeup free. Use an oil-free cleanser to get the makeup completely removed and the pored open for the mixture to easily be absorbed.
• Apply the paste on your face and leave for at least fifteen minutes.
• After fifteen minutes, gradually and softly massage your skin in small, circular motions. Do this for two minutes.
• Next, rinse your face with warm water and then rinse again with cold water to close up the pores
• Pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

Green Tea, Sugar, Honey and Lemon

Sure looks like a morning treat! (Un)fortunately, it’s a treat for your face.
• A tablespoon of green tea. It could be a tea bag or leaves.
• Three tablespoons of brown sugar.
• One tablespoon of honey (preferably organic)
• One tablespoon of lemon juice


• Mix all the ingredients until you have a paste
• Make sure your face has been washed and is completely free from makeup. Use an oil-free cleanser to clean off makeup if you have one on. It will also help open up your pores.
• Apply the paste on your face for two minutes, taking time to massage it slowly, in a circular motion
• Let the paste sit on your face for about fifteen minutes before rinsing.
• Rinse with warm water and a wash water to add to the exfoliating effects.
Turmeric, Honey, Greek Yoghurt/Raw Milk
This mask is great for blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, it is advised that you do not use this. If you do make use of it and you feel a burning sensation, wash it off right away.
• One teaspoon of organic honey
• One teaspoon of turmeric
• Three teaspoons of Greek yoghurt or raw milk


• Get all the ingredients mixed in a bowl to form a consistent and smooth paste.
• Wash your face, making sure it is completely makeup free. Use a cleanser that is oil-free.
• Apply the paste to your face with a makeup brush or cotton pads so you don’t stain your hands.
• Leave the mask for fifteen minutes
• Remove after fifteen minutes with a washcloth and diluted apple cider vinegar or a gentle toner.
• Be careful so your surroundings don’t get stained by spills.


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