Reasons your hair isn’t growing


You could be obeying every hair rule you know and still find that your hair isn’t growing the way you expect. You admire the people who cut or trim their hair and in no time it’s back up and you, on the other hand has had same length of hair for longer than you can remember. Life just ain’t fair, right?
This article has been written to show you possible reasons for your plight.
First, is it possible for the hair to stop growing? If you’ve gone through the hair facts you did not know about , then you should have learnt that hair never stops growing. So if it’s true that hair doesn’t just stop growing, then your hair hasn’t stopped growing, it is probably growing really slowly or growing and breaking off at the same rate it’s going. The issue then is that your hair length isn’t what you hoped it would be by now.
Certain factors could be responsible for this and we’ll look at a few of them. Hopefully, you find the answers to your problem

Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Growing

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

It’s necessary that you keep your body moisturized. The reason your natural hair appears stunted could be that you’re not drinking enough water. This reflects in how dry and brittle the hair becomes. It eventually splits or break in the end. Drinking lots of water will keep your follicles healthy, thus promoting hair growth. If you cannot keep up with drinking a lot of water, then keep your body hydrated by taking lots of fruits.


With aging comes a lot of declining. Declination occurs in cognitive function, skin, speech and a host of other things, including the hair.
While you get older, the hair will normally get weaker. Most of this will happen as a result of years of bleaching, dying, styling and heating. Sometimes these could lead to huge damages. According to studies, the hair’s biological structure is subject to change and growth may become shorter. As a result, you’ll notice that your hair is thinning and is shorter too. For example, the anagen phase is the growth phase and it usually lasts long varying in individuals. If your anagen phase lasts five years, it will shorten as you get older and therefore fall off quickly, making room for new hair that will also have a short growth phase before falling off.
Age will also affect oil production as it will begin to slow down. This will leave hair less hydrated and it will appear coarse and susceptible to breakage.

Hair Breakage

We already gave a bit of hint in the introduction. Your hair might be breaking off once it gets to a certain length. This could be as a result of excessive brushing, bleaching, showering, styling, heating etc. Handling the hair too roughly will cause it to become brittle. Taking the hair through chemical processes like bleaching and dying could cause the hair to be overprocessed and lose moisture and elasticity.

Lack of Moisture

Naturally textured hair needs moisture, lots of it. Hair oils hardly ever get to hair ends, that is why lots of alternative ways to moisturize the hair have come up to avoid hair breakage.
If you’re experiencing dryness and you suspect it’s the reason your hair isn’t as long, then on days when you wash your hair, try to apply another layer of moisture with a moisturiser and another product for ends. Style the hair afterwards. Be sure the style suits you and is something you want. You could add some oil to give the hair elasticity and prevent breakage.

You Use too Much Heat

It’s great that you love to have a different hair style every week. However, have you ever considered the effects of the excessive heat on your hair? We know heat is great for styling, but if not done safely, it can cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Before using heat on your hair, be sure that the hair is well moisturized and has some protection over it. Also, make sure your hair tools have settings that are adjustable so that you could easily adjust the heat and have it reduced most of the time.

You Need A Trim

It’s not like trimming the hair is a magical answer to hair growth, but it is certainly a way to keep your hair healthy. When you trim your ends, you get rid of the split ends and damage that could cause breakage. There is no set down rule on how often you should trim your hair, but once every three to the four months is just perfect. It will leave your ends fine and healthy. More trims, less damage.

Your Hand is Always in It

We understand that you are obsessed with your hair. You always have your hands in it, a comb, a brush – something just always has to be going on with your hair. While it’s great, healthy even (for you, that is) , it’s unhealthy for your hair. Over-manipulating the hair can lead to tresses and eventually break off fragile ends. If this is so you, then you should consider wearing protective styles instead (protect your hair from you!). Keep them braided, twisted or bunned for a while so that your hands and hair tools stay away. Don’t worry, it’s for the best.

Health Issues

If you’ve gone through every cause and found that it is none of them don’t panic, you’re not weird at all. It could be that you have a medical condition that should be addressed. It doesn’t have to be something serious, it could be something like a hormone deficiency, scalp problems or other kind of deficiencies like a vitamin or protein deficiency . Whichever it is, be sure to see a doctor about it and have him/her check you for anything unusual.
Make sure you do not ignore the possibility of the health problem.


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