You’ll drink more hot water


Even though this practice is not so common, it’s been found to have quite some impressive effects. The only thing you probably remember drinking hot water for is sore throat. However, it is not the only benefit of drinking hot water.
It supplies fluids, same way cold water does. Many people take hot water as a holistic health remedy. They often do so in the morning when they come awake or at night before they go to sleep.
It is known to relieve congestion, make you feel relaxed and improve digestion. Bear in mind that when we say drink hot water, we do not mean the one that would scald your taste buds. A temperature between a hundred and twenty and a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit is just ideal enough. When it gets to a hundred and sixty or more, be careful as it may scald – you could either let it cool down or add a little bit of cold water to it.
For a vitamin C boost, you could add a twist of lemon. Let’s get on to the benefits of drinking hot water.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water:

Relieves nasal congestion

Steam comes along with hot water. This steam, when inhaled, can unclog blocked sinuses and even relieve a headache caused by this.
However, there are mucous membranes in the neck and the upper torso that could be unclogged by drinking hot water. Besides helping unclog the mucous build-up, it also helps soothe the throat if its sore.

Aids digestion

Your digestive tract is soothed and boosted by drinking hot water. If you know your biology, you’ll know water is an important part of the digestive process. With water moving through the digestive tract, stomach and gut, these organs get hydrated and are better able to eliminate waste.
Hot water will also help dissolve foods that the body may be having issues digesting.

Calms central nervous system

Drinking hot water has the potential to calm your central nervous system and keep the body lubricated. With the nervous system healthy and calm, there will be less pains and aches. You’ll also notice that you’re a lot calmer and will hardly panic.
This benefit is especially important for people who have arthritis , as their central nervous system is calmed and pain is reduced.

Helps relieve constipation

The intestines contract better with the help of hot water, letting out old waste that might have been trapped. Your digestive system is greatly impacted by hot water, constipation is not left out.

Keeps you hydrated

When it comes to keeping you hydrated, it does not work differently from cold water or water at room temperature. Generally, the health experts recommend 8-ounce glasses of water a day, it could be hot, warm or room temperature. Eight ounce glasses is equivalent to about half a gallon or about two litres of water, it’s a hard one, not forgetting the endless trips to the bathroom. Note that this recommendation is strictly for adults.
It’s especially ideal to start and end your day taking hot water as this will help you stay hydrated.

May aid in weight loss

The control system of the body’s temperature is jump started with hot water. While the body tries to compensate for the warm water in the body, it ends up bringing down the internal temperature and as a consequence gets the metabolism active.
With the intestines contracting as a result of the presence of hot water, it gets rid of waste and water weight that has accumulated overtime.
Improves circulation

A warm water bath expands the circulatory organs, including the veins and arteries, such that they’re able to move blood around more effectively. When you drink hot water, it has an effect similar to this.

With a healthy blood flow, everything is positively affected. Things like blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases are combated and kept at bay. The warmth will also help you relax, same way a hot water bath would.

Can decrease stress levels

We’ve already seen how hot water helps calm the central nervous system and improve its function, leaving you less anxious, it invariably reduces your stress levels too. You could add some warm milk to get you even calmer.

Can help reduce toxins

Your body temperature rises temporarily as a result of the presence of hot water in your system. As a result of this, your endocrine system gets activated and you start sweating. It’s true that this could be uncomfortable for you, it’s important because it helps get rid of toxins and irritants that your body has been exposed to in your environment.
Helps relieve symptoms of achalasia

Achalasia is a condition in which the oesophagus is unable to effectively move food to your stomach. People like this often have issues swallowing food and could feel like the food is stuck in their oesophagus instead of moving down into the stomach.
This condition can be remedied with hot water even though it is not clear how exactly this happens. Drinking hot water, especially with a meat heavy meal or oily food will be helpful for people with achalasia.

Limits and risks

The benefits of drinking hot water are a lot, but this does not mean that it’s a magical cure. Taking water that is too hot could damage your digestive tissues and scald your tongue. You’ll have to be careful when you drink hot water and pay attention to the temperature.
If you work in a climate with high temperature or you’re exercising, drinking hot water may not be a good idea. According to research, drinking hot water makes you less thirstier than cold water would.
If you find yourself in an environment or you carry out an activity that increases your risk of dehydration, drink hot water instead.

The takeaway

It doesn’t take much to begin taking hot water. Start by boiling water and leaving to cool and soon it will be no problem for you to always remember to drink hot water.
A little stretch session to your morning routine should help you feel more energized and ready to face the day.
If just plain warm water is bland to you, add a twist of lime or lemon before drinking it.
Before bed, remember to drink another glass or two of hot water, to help you unwind and help you sleep soundly.


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