Mistakes you’re making with washing your face


“Wait, you can wash your face all wrong? Yes!
We thought washing the face involved splashing water and soap with a little cleanser and rinsing but it in fact, takes a lot more than that. You will have to put in a lot of care while washing your face, to get the best result.
Apart from the “how” of washing your face, there are other factors that come into play when talking about washing the face – the “when “ “how often “ and type of face wash also makes a whole lot of difference.
Washing the face properly will prevent acne breakouts, decrease inflammation and improve skin health. You’ll get the best out of our face wash routine only if you learn to do it the right way. First, you might want to discard everything you know regarding this cause chances are, you’re doing it wrong.
Not to worry, I’m here to set you straight by showing you some of the things you’re doing wrong;

1. You Forget to Wash Your Face Before Bed

We understand you want to crawl into bed and hide under your duvet after a stressful day. Washing the face, however, is an important habit you should learn if you’re going to get your glow on. This does not apply to only folks who wear makeup – folks who don’t are included.
You see, in the daytime, sweat, dirt and natural oils accumulate on the skin when we’re exposed to a lot of things. This accumulation could lead to irritations, acne breakouts and inflammations.

2. You skip rinsing your face in the morning

Even after washing your face at night, morning wash in the morning is vital. This is because your face might have picked up germs from your sheet or pillowcase. Even if you toss your sheets and pillowcases in the machine everyday, you’re not completely free as bacteria from your saliva, sweat from your skin and oils from your hair could still come in contact with your face as you toss and turn at night. A quick rinse in the morning when you come awake will cleanse your skin, get it freshened and enable easy absorption of skin-products when applied.

3. You use hot water

Yes, hot water on the face has its cons. Generally, hot water is not as ideal for your skin, especially the face. Sure it’s relaxing to turn up the temperature of the water while in the shower, especially when the weather temperature is really cold but it could damage the skin. Hot water can break delicate skin tissue and cause the blood vessels to dilate. It also takes out the skin’s oil barrier, making it dry out and become flaky and itchy overtime.
If you’ve been a fan of hot water, replace with lukewarm water instead.

4. You remove your makeup with your face cleanser

If you do not go to bed with makeup on and you still get breakouts, it could be that you use your face cleanser to remove makeup. Your facial cleanser isn’t a makeup remover and shouldn’t be used that way. Most makeup brands are waterproof or smudge proof and it would be difficult to completely get rid of them with a cleanser. Instead, use makeup wipes or makeup removers, then wash your face before using a cleanser.

5. You sometimes clean off only your makeup

It’s not enough to simply cleanse your makeup and then just go to bed,

especially when you’re using a cleansing cloth. The cloths contain preservatives that make it impossible for bacteria or fungus to grow. When they cleanse off your makeup, they leave a residue behind. Therefore, after cleaning off your makeup, it is important to wash your face or use a facial cleanser.

6. You Wash Your Face with a bar soap

Bar soaps are harsh cleansers that strip the skin of its hydrators, thus leaving the skin red from broken and inflamed vessels. For your face, get a mild soap that does not alter the pH balance of your skin – organic products are good enough too.

7. You reuse dirty wash cloths without washing

It’s not healthy to use a washcloth again without washing. We understand it is a lot of work to just wash after one use, especially if your laundromat is quite a distance. But when you keep repeating one wash cloth for your face, you’re spreading mold and bacteria. We suggest you get a lot of small washcloths that are cheap so that they can last you a week before your trip to the laundromat or maybe before you toss in the washing machine.

8. You wipe off your face with your towel

A lot of folks are guilty of this habit. After getting a bath, they wipe their faces with same towel they wiped their bodies with. Now, although the body has been freshly washed and is “neat “, it’s a bad idea to spread bacteria to your face from your body. Different types of bacteria reside in specific areas of the body name it’s not advisable to mix them up else, you may suffer drastic consequences. Here’s an advice : get a wash cloth specially for your face.

9. You scrub and lather too long

Your lathering for so long does not in any way mean that you have properly cleaned your face. Lathering and scrubbing for more than thirty seconds could harm your skin, especially when you’re using an exfoliating wash as it can get your skin inflamed or irritated. We advise that you wet your face with lukewarm water and apply the soap or cleanser, rubbing in a circular motion. Once there’s a lather, carefully rinse the lather off and pat dry with a clean, soft towel. The T-zone and the U-zone should be paid attention to, people usually ignore it.

10. You Wash Your Face Too Often

Your face should be washed twice a day, once in the morning and one and night – except for days when you sweat excessively. Washing your face ever so often will strip your skin of its natural oils and leave your skin irritated. Ironically, it can also cause your skin to produce too much oil. What we’re trying to say is, stick to the twice-a-day routine except on days you sweat too much, use heavy sunscreen or wear makeup.

If you incorporate all this tips into your daily skincare routine, you should see results in no time.


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